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At our heart is a network of like-minded women who get where you've been – and where you're coming from. As you’ll soon discover, we love sharing everything! Just search for these popular tags on Dayre to discover some of our very vocal and vibrant sub-communities.


Planning for the big day? You’re not alone. Share your excitement and journey with other brides before saying “I do.”

36,105 posts


Foodies rejoice! Discovered a hot new cafe? Or maybe you’re looking for a great date night spot. Share your favourites with the community.

68,257 posts


Home is where the heart is. For first-time home owners, this tag is a great place to get home renovation ideas from other home owners.

7,122 posts


First-time mummy or 3rd one on the way? Connect with other mummies to share about growing pains, the in-laws, tips on welcoming your bundle of joy, and more.

22,611 posts


Document your kids’ growing up days or connect with other mummies to get the lowdown on preschools, handling your child (and husband), and more!

36,675 posts


For women trying to conceive. Connect with others who understand exactly what you’re going through.

413 posts


Real-life beauty reviews that tell it like it is. Written by our community of beauty lovers so you can get to what works and doesn’t.

52,082 posts


Record your travels on Dayre and share hotel reviews and itineraries that fellow travel bugs can follow.

23,625 posts


Small business owner or changemaker? Newbie or veteran? The world is your oyster. Share and network with other women as you talk shop.

75 posts

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