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What we believe

We believe that women face greater stresses than men which affect their mental wellbeing because of many different reasons, such as motherhood challenges, balancing family and career commitments and body shaming.

We believe that women rely on relationships more than men to cope with these stresses.

That’s why we believe that women need a safe space where they can gain some perspective and share their thoughts freely with other women without any fear of judgement.

Who we are

These beliefs make Dayre an online journal that’s unique from any other.

It’s an online journal that’s social, where women can get more out of their journaling experience by building deep and authentic connections with a community of like-minded women going through similar life journeys.

An experience that revolves around the community

We have built Dayre such that users can get the most out of being members of its community.

Dayre is a gated community, where having to pay a subscription keeps out the trolls.

On Dayre it’s easy to create content, find content, share content and engage with the community with features like multi-day feed, unique sticker packs, in-app search, local feed and send a hug.

Thousands of women are already on Dayre

You’ll find it to be a supportive community, where women are there for each other, sharing their thoughts frankly and in-depth on topics ranging from beauty to motherhood to career, lending their ears when needed, offering insights based on their own life experiences, and celebrating happy milestones together.

What our users say

“I’ve had some of the best experiences on Dayre. Most recently when my world was turned upside down, I received such an outpouring of support. I’ve always felt that the community here on Dayreverse has been the warmest I’ve ever experienced on the internet.”

Dayre has become like my second family. Whenever I’m down, there’s always someone to offer encouragement and to help me get back on my feet. When I’m happy, everyone shares my happiness and multiplies it by ten-folds.”

“Thanks for all the hugs everybody... Makes me feel like I am not alone. This is why I love Dayre. It’s my safe space... the #dayremummies understand.”

Thankful for this safe space where I can share my raw feelings which can be hard to share with anyone else in real life.”

“I met a lot of people here - people who listen to my stories, who relate to my experiences, who share similar interests and people who are around the same age as me. This is a community where I can express myself freely.

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