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It's a long day in school today because it's PTC! Actually super interesting to sit in as an observer, and to see how kids are like with their parents unlike their usual boisterous self in class.

Some moments were really quite touching for me though like when one of the girl's dad saw her report book and was so so happy? Her results were okay, but her dad was so happy and it was just so evident on his face. Its so nice to see how proud her father feels.

I personally feel that it's super important to affirm your child's effort and to let them know that you're always proud of them no matter what.

A few though, left the room looking so so sad my heart just... 😪 Maybe it's just all part of growing up. :)

Short meet-up with Emme cos her exam ended at expo and it's nearby! So happy for her cos it's the last exam of her entire official education lifeeeeee! Wanted to celebrate but then she's gg to meet her dad. Think we should celebrate tgt another day!

Walked around and we saw this! I was like, 23 bucks for biscuits??? Whoa. But then it turned out to be like moisturising cleanser wipes. So silly. But then, doesn't it look super appetising???

On my way home now and I'm happy bc it's Friday tomorrow! Which means I'm only 1 day away from the weekend. 😄😎😊

Day 150

Thursday, 30 May 2019

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