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Can't believe I haven't been here often even though I live just a couple bus stops away.

Love the calming sea, love the planes that are flying in to descend. Wish I'm far far away just like those far away vessels and planes though.

People always say "true love will find its way back" so do you think it's true? Maybe when two people love each other, and for some reason they part, and they found someone much better and they never go back to the true love again.

Does that mean that it's not true love anymore??

Maybe love is about, being happy... Bring selfless. Putting your someone's needs above yours. Isn't love a beautiful thing?

You do things you normally wouldn't, because you love the person.

Mummy went through great pain to give birth to jie and I, and she has never complaint because she loves us.
Daddy works hard everyday, doing cleaning work because he loves us and wants the best for us.
Seowleng checks up on me weekly even though she is busy because she cares about me.

Emme asks me "how are you" because she loves me. There's love everywhere. Maybe it's time I open my eyes and heart and feel these feelings really deeply.

But I don't notice these stuff easily. Sometimes I get annoyed or feel less loved because they don't love me the way I need them to. And it's so hard because I need to feel love in my own language, but people are just speaking another language. I understand where they are coming from, but I wish I had someone who could speak my language. My love language.

Day 146

Sunday, 26 May 2019

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ohjac (avatar)

ohjac i love you too

1 month ago

zyziyi (avatar)

zyziyi I love you too babe @ohjac

1 month ago

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