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Life isn't all sunshine and rainbows

May 2019

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It's a long day in school today because it's PTC! Actually super interesting to sit in as an observer, and to see how kids are like with their parents unlike their usual boisterous self in class. Some moments were really quite touching for me though like when one of the girl's dad saw her report book and was so so happy? Her results were okay, but her dad was so happy and it was just so evident on his face. Its so nice to see how proud her father feels.

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Work week 3

Today's one of those days I feel a little bit more sense of fulfillment from my work. Did up a rough lesson plan, and had meetings and contact time. Hehe, finally doing some actual work apart from just shadowing the teachers. Also I had a great talk with my supervisor and gained quite an insight into her life and experience!

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Can't believe I haven't been here often even though I live just a couple bus stops away.Love the calming sea, love the planes that are flying in to descend. Wish I'm far far away just like those far away vessels and planes though.

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Omg. No idea why am I so tired lately. Is it because I'm a bit sick??? Feel like I'm forever snoozing my alarm. Felt so restless at work today and was literally just counting down till work ends. K.O-ed the moment I was on the bed. Think I need my daily nap. :( Arghhhh can't wait for the weekends already! On the bright side, tomorrow is Thursday! Also my second fav weekday (ofc Friday's first). Jiayou!

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