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Life isn't all sunshine and rainbows

April 2019

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Got reminded of my ocip. And now I really really miss them a lot. The videos really brought me back to cdc and I miss how carefree it felt back there.

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Sometimes, all we need are just a few good friends and a little time away from the buzz in our individual lives.

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Went over to 叔叔 house for dinner today! He also cooked my favourite 酸辣汤 🥰 actually having lots of food cravings now, I think because my period is coming soon. 1) Shi Li Fang hot pot. Actually everytime when we walk pass the shop I always felt that there's this weird smell. But when I ate it with sl and em that day it actually taste v good!! And it's much more affordable than hdl, so I'll definitely visit it more often. I really love their tomato soup and 手工面。😍

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