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March 2019

So... here I am, sitting in a room alone, again, but this time round, I’ve found the switch to the room and it’s no Longer dark. I’m still thinking about what just happened and why, I’ll get to that in awhile with the latest update of #dayrehorrorWell, my colleague came running to me and asking me if I’ve seen or felt anything (at this time of the night, 1am, I’m probably gonna say no, but I didn’t)

So it took me quite a bit to find time to do up my next post. And I’ll first apologies for all the upcoming grammatical and spelling errors you’ll spot along the way (nice try fucking grammar nazi, look who’s laughing now).—————————————————————-I’m never fond of staying in hotels or Airbnb, the feeling of not belonging there just makes me feel so out of place. The next one I’m sharing is based on the infamous resort. I shall not name the location to protect the reputation of everyone

February 2019

Now, I’m sure people who have followed my stories of #dayrehorror from back then (oh, it’s only about a year plus, it’s not that old really, but like the term “back then”) knows that I work for an airline companyNot anymore.Which gives me the chance to really share the full experience. One reason I left the airlines is due to the really toxic culture. Another minor reason is the lack of sleep, because whenever I check into a hotel room, these things appear almost instantaneously. Wtf right?

It’s been more than a year since my last update. I’m still not over the many death that happened in 2017. But it’s not stopping me from continuing my work here. (Yes it’s a chore to type out because I have huge thumbs that tend to mis-spell words, or I get overexcited trying to explain so much with words limitation.)I’m Glad to announce I’ll continue #dayrehorror, with or without readers, in hopes of jotting down my experience.Right now, I’m in a big, dark and silent room.

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