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April 2019

Have a SHIIT cardio strength at Fitness Bravo tmr. Body’s aching badly (but not the worst aches I have had) and hoping I can survive SHIIT cardio tmr LOL @Pawfashional any advice? HAHA

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Round 1, Floatfit Yoga at Park Royal

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Attended a Reformer Pilates class at Core Collective today! Supposed to be taught by Regine, who has a 4.9/5 star rating on CP, but was covered by Ashley who was great as well!! My first reformer class was at Upside Motion City Hall, which probably was a little too basic for me that I didn’t feel much of a tremble / burn and made me really giddy cos we did a lot of pushing offs from the foot bar.

March 2019

Attended my first Boom Circuit class with Jenell (hello @jenellpaidgen !) and I think I’m truly enjoying circuit classes much more than I ever used to! Started HIIT progressively from HIIT segments in barre (signature multi level classes at Webarre), in pilates classes (Flywithfitness’s MOTR cardio with Ming / Marilyn is always crayyyy), and in yoga (Freedom Blaze at FY)

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I had a throbbing headache when I woke up, and I guess it’s really due to cumulative late nights + early morning meetings. Was massaging my head as much as I could otw to exercise (my sole jailbreak this week from work!!) but it still hurt. But after 60 mins of Freedom Blaze by Princess and another 60 mins of signature multi-level barre by JE, Guess who’s all healed. 🤣 exercise is really my panacea.

February 2019

Barre Power by Leandra was so so tough today! In fact, I felt like it was even tougher than some Webarre / upside motion classes I have done! Always nice to sweat it out and clear the mind after 14h of being deskbound the day before!!

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