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July 2018

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Just dropped a lot of new clothings and bag etc on my carousell account @ynyn85 go and have a look :)

April 2018

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Hello, long time never go dayre to check all the updates.. I am drowned with work and busy planning my upcoming trip.. Traveling is expensive 😅 especially when u doing it every month.. i’ll blame the cheap ticket then! And all those travel promos.. i was drawn to keep on buying flight ticket omg. Thinking where am i going next?!Well ok at least and i hope this is my mid year travel treats and ended with my Nordic+Scandinavian adventure end of the year.

March 2018

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Just got 10 items of clothings from #fshnbnkr because their discount is so hard to resist.. some #keepsake #cameo dresses can go as low as US$40 and tops is half of that price, how to resist?!!!#guiltymuchI got this beauty too! I know i am so terrible when it comes to shopping.. 😪

February 2018

Why nowadays people on carousell always asking for real photos??? And the worst thing that most of the ppl asking for photos usually back out or MIA.. LOL! #carouhell

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Travel Thoughts

Any recommendation for sakura viewing other than Japan?!Bcos hubby banned Japan due to radiation rumour.. (is there such things?!) #rolleyes 🙄

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Omg the queue 😭

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