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I am dayre user 45128, and am also always hungry.

August 2019

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It was raining like crazy today in SH and we were back in our rooms after a long day in Suzhou, a little worried about how our resident kitten was handling the torrential downpour. We called him but he didn’t appear so we just went to take a shower and we’re about to take a nap when we heard the loudest meowing in our corridor. E opened her door first and I heard her say

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Living up to my reputation as the resident cat lady. I just attract cats??!! I think they sense my love. 😍 This little boy has some birth defects with his spine and hind legs and walks with a waddle. He was scrawny and so so thin but so beautiful and friendly and he’s successfully wormed his way into our hearts and wallets cuz we’ve bought him so much food now and he wants to sleep with us every night wtf.

Omg damn salty that I’m not watching Westlife live tonight I was such a huge fan ok I not only know ALL their song lyrics I also subconsciously know WHICH SONG COMES NEXT in their albums I already automatically start singing the next song before it even comes on 😭😭😭

One of my best friends was feeling a little...dissatisfied with her life as is, and told me she wanted to do something meaningful apart from work work work. She wanted to set up an online platform on which she can share about sustainable ABC (not gonna say what for now). I told her Dayre might be a nice platform to do it, cuz I feel like discussions go deeper than on say IG.

July 2019

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I realize I’ve been feeling like I have to be working all the time. If I’m not working (or at least sitting down with my laptop) I’d feel so so so guilty, be it on the weekends or at 11pm. I definitely could work more for my main contract but these two months I’m essentially working for summer school as well so I need to be present at events here too which means I have less time for the other job which means I constantly feel like I’m not working enough for that job. 🤯😩

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Found the best IG description hands down. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I don’t know this girl but I love her already.

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