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August 2019

Happy blessed birthday to you. This is 2nd year cannot say to you. I really pray that this year you can really encounter God, and really really surrender to Him. And I really hope that one day your testimonial can influence many ppl.And I wish you can find your identity and love from God. In Jesus name I pray. Amen

June 2019

Dear Lord Papa, thank you and sorry. You really did hearing my prayer. These few days I keep telling You that if You really love me and care about me, You will sent one ppl to pray for me.And today, You really did!! You ask Veron to pick me and let Pastor alex to prophecy me. He really say out so accurately and encourage me and answer what I want. I want to know that You really did care for me, You really sayang me 😭😭

Dear Lord,Can I ask u some questions?1. What happened to my heart, I can't feel any hope recently.. Izzit I'm in a winter season?2. Why I keep dream about me and Sebastian become couple again. Izzit I keep thinking about him in day time?3. I tot my heart is healed, but somehow ppl talking about Sebastian, my heart will still sore. And somehow ppl keep talking about him to me. Are You really healed me?4. I've been prayed for my breast and neck healing too.. Why still same and I feel more 痛

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I'm so exhausted.... Mentally and physically... Came for 4 days, cried 2 nights😭😭😭my heart is just soooooo soooo tired.God, can you help me? I really donno how to deal with it. I tot I already healed.. Somehow I was so miss him... Soooo sooo miss... God.. Y Don You just delete my memories.I really so tired.. Tired to act happy and positive in front of ppl.. MI'm so tired.....

April 2019

OK.. Dear Papa, I just wan to thank you have Chen and all sisters in my life. Thank you to let chen to have deep talk to me. She had spot on on wat happened to me.Yes, im not happy from bottom of my heart (mostly). I donno y.. Izzit becoz of my past relationship? And yeah.. I really donno who am I. I just felt like I'm a unlucky ppl, everything go smoothly is becoz of me. Especially when I see Sebastian doing so well in his career.

Today I when I woke up, gonna ready to go Sunday service, but I was so angry to my dear Papa.. Sososoooo angry.. I angry tat He keep nvr reply my prayer. I kept shouting to Him. My breast still pain. My business not doing vri well in this month(and I gave tithe oso y nvr blessed me?) and I wan wisdom.. How come still hvn increase wisdom. I see everyone doing vri well.Wat about me?! I knew I always 2nd choices, You always passed by me nia, tats y u nvr reply my prayer

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