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updated 5 years ago

Dear Dayre,

It's the start of my 5-day juice cleanse with #hicjuice!

Is it weird to be excited about 5 days of no food and only juices? Lol. I'm feeling excited cos juice cleanses and detoxes always make me feel good, it's partially the empowerment I feel from being able to abstain from food, and allowing my system to take a break from all that over-eating makes me feel lighter, less sluggish and happier!

Just downed my first juice which is Popeye Smoothie, it consists of red dragonfruit, pineapple, banana and spinach and is one of my fav juices in the cleanse! Really refreshing and tasty. So much that I don't feel like I'm even on a detox!

Though I did get a shock when I stepped on the weighing scale this morning πŸ™ˆ Wah so heavy! Need to track my progress in these 5 days although I believe weight is just a number and it's more important to gauge your progress by how you feel and look! πŸ’ͺ

Hope the next 5 days will be a breeze!

Just spent the afternoon writing away and taking photos for another advert!

I really enjoy doing adverts when it's a product I love, but I hate deadlines! 😭😭😭

My third juice of the day, and I brought it out with me for event!

Attended a Glam Glow event at Sephora, and just FYI, Glam Glow only sells two products: a YouthMud mask and a SuperMud mask!

They won an award for Best mask in the world according to ELLE International!

Apparently all the celebrities are using it! 😳 And it's not cheap.. Lucky we got to bring back press kits with the full-sized products back home! πŸ‘

Live demo at Sephora by the founder of Glam Glow himself! He then went around applying the mask on random people's noses and we all siam far far away including @evonnz and @lianmeiting hahaha. *可δ»₯θ·‘ε€šθΏœε°±ε€šθΏœ*

But I'm gonna try it at home soon! It's claimed to be a 10-min instant beauty fix! ✨

The event ended quite fast so after it ended, I accompanied @evonnz to do her magazine shopping (this girl is addicted to her 8days and Archie comics) and I also did some shopping for myself!!!

Guess what these are!!!

I'm soooo excited πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜† They are heart rate monitor watches! Bought these today at Wisma after the event cos I've been reading up on such devices and I thought they would be really useful for us to track our heart rates during workouts, especially as we are doing interval training!

It's beneficial to know your heart rate during interval training cos then you know how hard you're working yourself and when to slow down the pace if you need to so you don't kill yourself!

It will calculate the amount of calories burnt during each workout too! I'm sure that will motivate me to work harder during each session cos I like to see the numbers going up! And I'll be able to keep track of my progress as well 😬

Wheeeeee, can't wait to test them out 😊

I got the pink model for myself (so cute!) and the blue one for YZ!

Completed today's Insanity workout! 😊😊😊 Today's day 10 so that's about 1/6th into the entire 63 days! Not too bad, I must say. It was "Plyometric Cardio Circuit" today though and as usual I couldn't get through all the jumping and planking exercises due to lack of strength 😭

Despite being on juice detox, I felt that my energy level was pretty ok! I was expecting to feel weaker than usual but it wasn't too bad πŸ’ͺ

Having fun with the new watches ehehe you gotta key in your user info in order to generate accurate data! I accidentally turned off the timer halfway through, but according to my watch I burnt about 400 calories, which sounds pretty decent!

It's cool to see your heartbeat rate as well, my max heartbeat rate was quite high right after an intensive cardio set! 😳

Post-workout selfie with our new fitness devices and recovery drink!

After the workout, I rewarded myself with the last and best "juice" for the day, Nut Milk! I bought three extra bottles for YZ to try too and he downed a bottle as well πŸ™Š

Love Nut Milk as always, that fragrant sweet taste with a rich nuttiness that's chewy and thick at the bottom!

Day 50

Wednesday, 19 Feb 2014

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lianmeiting (avatar)

lianmeiting I also damn sad when I weigh myself after working out for 1 month and my weight is the same. Lol. But I feel skinnier leh!! πŸ˜‚

5 years ago

stellaaac (avatar)

stellaaac Muscle weighs more than fats ! So don't worry about it 😁😁 love your entries !! It motivates me hehe

5 years ago

misadventurer (avatar)

misadventurer It should be muscles! Maybe track size instead? I weigh heavier but my high waisted arent tight at all now! Which I love

5 years ago

ChloVonD (avatar)

ChloVonD Hello Yina! Can I ask abt the detox thingy, is it that you drink only 1 bot/day to last for the whole day without normal food intake one ah?

5 years ago

eyeletskirt (avatar)

eyeletskirt Gd luck for the detox Yina!! πŸ’ͺ❀️

5 years ago

eyeletskirt (avatar)

eyeletskirt Gd luck for the detox Yina!! πŸ’ͺ❀️

5 years ago

belle_ (avatar)

belle_ Do a before and after mask picture please :)

5 years ago

lianmeiting (avatar)

lianmeiting Wah you make me gian to buy the watch! Yina!! Everything u write about I also wanna buy!!! Hahahaha send me the pics when u upload ok! Xie Xie ni

5 years ago

lianmeiting (avatar)

lianmeiting Wah you make me gian to buy the watch! Yina!! Everything u write about I also wanna buy!!! Hahahaha send me the pics when u upload ok! Xie Xie ni

5 years ago

miss_3presso (avatar)

miss_3presso Hiya! Mind sharing the brand of the watch and how much is it? Thanks a million!

5 years ago

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