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updated 5 years ago

Hic'juice Detox Day 1

Dear Dayre,

Spent the whole day at photoshoot today 😰 Good thing though cos it's a distraction from food (though I've been surrounded by food the entire day...)

Cos I'm doing the HIC 3-day reboot juice detox and today is day one! I've been eating way too much the past few days.. So this feels like a really awesome way to cleanse the system and stop myself from over-eating.... 😰

Thankfully, no hunger pangs yet!!! Had three bottles of the juice already so there's another three to go for today 😊

No thanks to the rain, it took like one hour to get back to office after shoot.. Luckily YZ came to pick us up!! So tired from the long shoot today.

Now I'm back home and speed editing photos to put up a preview soon!!!

Last launch before Christmas OMG. So fasttttt! 😭 Sigh! I hope we can launch tmr night latest (depending on whether I can finish the pictures in time) and self-collect on Friday/Monday for those who want to get their items before Christmas Eve!

Suddenly very stressed 😣

Whoop! Previews uploaded on Facebook, and I'm down to my last two bottles of Hic'juice for the day!

Seriously, the juices don't taste half as bad as I expected, especially when I hate eeky tasting drinks. Dunno why @evonnz and the rest kept on saying this and that particular juice is horrible wahahaha okay leh!!! They all taste about the same to me. Quite drinkable and some are very refreshing!

Everyone says nut milk is the best so I'm looking forward to it! 😁

Alrightttttt it's nut milk time!!!

Hmmmm. I like the hint of cinnamon in it but it makes me feel like I need to brush my teeth because of all the nut particles in it hahaha 😛 Pretty yummy because it's so thick and nutty, a good change from the fruit/veggie blends I've been drinking throughout the day!


That marks an end to Day 1 and I survived, no problem at all! Yay. Hope day 2 and 3 will be just as easy.

Back to my editing!

Day 352

Wednesday, 18 Dec 2013

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ammmy0_0 (avatar)

ammmy0_0 Hello @yinagoh I just realized that you took photo of Jessica for the Betty Drapper Dress the other day. Thank you! You did so well and made the dress look really good 👍 Jia you for your liquid diet! 💪

5 years ago

yuunwen (avatar)

yuunwen Is it rly gd?? Ex not?

5 years ago

yuunwen (avatar)

yuunwen The hic juice i mean :)

5 years ago

yinagoh (avatar)

yinagoh @ammmy0_0 haha you are welcome!! :) :) :) thanks babe!!!

5 years ago

yinagoh (avatar)

yinagoh @yuunwen I'll let u know in three days time!! Hahaha

5 years ago

evonnz (avatar)

evonnz Just has nutmilk Wahahahha. S H I O K

5 years ago

leelilian3l (avatar)

leelilian3l Hi,may i know the juice have any functions that will make you to drink it?

5 years ago

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