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Hic'juice Day 4

Dear Dayre,

Why is it that I always have to spend my Saturday morning making a mad dash for the bus? The IRIS app said 5 minutes but I knew better and started running to the bus stop already haha! And tadaah, bus arrived just as I reached the bus stop! I'm good man.

I was carrying two bottles of juice with me too, 💦 they're quite heavy eh! Brought out two bottles to last me til evening when I get back home! Safely on the bus now and on the way to teach vocal class at Bras Basah complex 😊

On a slightly sadder note, I stepped on the weighing scale this morning & weighed 0.2kg heavier than yesterday! Whyyy. Also my fat percentage has been going up & down though it really shouldn't be since I'm on a juice cleanse!

Never mind, weight is just a number. Weight is just a number. Weight is just a number. *chants to self*

I've been finding it difficult to drink enough water during the cleanse, mostly cos I'm already drinking juices all day long! I think I need to drink up more today. 💧

So my plan today is to:

Teach class until 1.30pm
✨Drink Juice 2 after class
Run off to rehearsal at 2.30pm
✨Drink Juice 3 during break time 4.30pm
End rehearsal at 6.30pm and head home
✨Drink Juice 4 at 7.30pm
Enjoy my Saturday evening
✨Drink Juice 5 at 9.30pm
Workout at 10pm or earlier if possible
✨Drink Juice 6 after workout

Arrived early for class again which is bad cos now I'm contemplating a couple of soft-boiled eggs for breakfast... 😩 I must be determined to finish cleansing strong!

Since 我闲空, mirror shot in the toilet! Doll top doll bag ✌️ I try to wear presentably casual on Saturdays (no shorts) since I have to teach. Skorts ok right? 😬

Next time I don't chiong for 11am bus le. Been waiting for almost an hour! My students are not here yet. 😑

While I'm at it, I just posted a new blog post on my Laneige Serum Intense lippie! Those lipsticks are loooove 💕

Pigmented, silky smooth and moisturizing! Wearing neon orange in this photo here.

Super nice. They are my top favourite lipsticks at the moment!

After waiting for more than an hour, one student not coming, one student come but need to leave in 15 minutes, school admin rushing over from school performance (classroom is locked) so in the end 不用上课了 😱😱😱

妈的浪费了我两个小时! Ok now I have time to take mrt to rehearsal. Meh.

Drank my Juice 2 and waiting for rehearsal to begin! 💪

Can't wait for today to be over.

Oh yay, just got home from rehearsal and drinking my 4th juice of the day, Heart Beet!

Heart Beet contains Carrot, Apple, Beetroot, Lemon and Ginger, and it might be one of my least favourite juices among all of them, it's not particularly bad but I just don't love it like I do for some of the other juices >.<

One and a half more days to get to the end of my 5 day detox and I was really tempted to break it today! Must persevere...

Anyways, it's good to know that I've inspired some people to want to work out too!! 😬 Always great to be able to spark off positive actions 💪💪💪 Go for it @teeir!

Now can some people also give me encouragement to complete my juice cleanse until tomorrow? 😂 I need to get through one more Insanity workout tonight too before I can call week 2 a wrap! Tonight is double power: Pure Cardio and Abs. Hope we can manage to pull through 🙏

Workout was so grueling I want to keel over and collapse. 40 minutes of Pure Cardio followed by 15 mins of Cardio Abs. And we restarted Pure Cardio 20 mins into it cos the HRM wasn't fitted properly and didn't detect heart rate.


Two weeks down!

Survived day 4 of juice cleanse. Last day tomorrow! I can't wait!!!

Day 53

Saturday, 22 Feb 2014

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findingmichelle (avatar)

findingmichelle Don't look at a scale when you are working out. What matters is that you feel good and love the way your body is transforming into! When you work out, your fat becomes muscle mass so it will weigh more. A lot of fitness trainers here in the US always tell me not to care for the number on the scale and to work out to gain health benefits. :)

4 years ago

biscuit (avatar)

biscuit Many factors can affect weight and body fats like weather , menses, stress so its best to weigh once a week and at e same timings

4 years ago

yinagoh (avatar)

yinagoh @findingmichelle thanks Michelle! That's very true :) I sure hope it's all muscle mass hehe!

4 years ago

yinagoh (avatar)

yinagoh @biscuit thank you babe! I'm amazed at how you've managed to do insanity twice already! T25 sounds good too and maybe I'll give that a try when I get through Insanity! 💪💪💪

4 years ago

biscuit (avatar)

biscuit Tat because I din start of with insanity straight. I started with郑多燕workouts for one month when i find it no longer challenging, I did body combat in fitness centre and weight lifting . Den I "upgrade " to insanity. So by the time I started insanity it wasn't really v v tough for me . But the second months inward where they hv " max" training .now tats tough

4 years ago

weiee (avatar)

weiee @yinagoh hi yina, can I know what is the name of the bridal shop? and is the skorts upcoming?

4 years ago

lindear (avatar)

lindear Oh dear... thats so waste time... for a more accurate bus timing, u can try the app bus@sg.. the timing is more accurate.. but im nt sure if it is available on IOS.. u can try and search..

4 years ago

trishaliang (avatar)

trishaliang You can do it!!!!! GO GO GOOO 💪💪💪

4 years ago

alphelle (avatar)

alphelle @yinagoh 加油女人, 你可以的! 看好你哦! ;)

4 years ago

melissackoh (avatar)

melissackoh Jiayou 💪💪💪

4 years ago

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