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Being a kiasu Singaporean and Chope-ing a good username on #weblogit until the community figures something out.

There as @/mabel btw hahaha like a pioneer!! Also @gilliansng tells me she will disown me as a friend if I don’t get on it LOL.

1) weblogit as another microblogging app?
2) moving to IG? (where I’m there by @yeomabel as well where I’m a lot more active on IG stories and you rly see me weird in action wtf)
3) tumblr/ Wordpress/ existing sites?

Anyway to spread the message @sgbudgetbabe just raised a very good petition which may make this space’s future a possibility. Please head over to find out more! And to read and sign if you do want to see this space alive. I know I already did πŸ™‚

Side note: highly amused by the mass migration to weblogit happening at the moment and if I were the developer I would be wondering wtf is happening why am I getting so many downloads LOLOL but it’s a happy problem I guess

On the closing down

Ok I have 7 stops before I reach where I need to be so I’ll try to make this quick.

Emotionally, as I spoke with @joycesayshello yesterday, this really does feel like a break up.

The boyfriend that gave everything to be with you, and tried so hard to get you to fancy him. You got on, honeymoon-ed, had good days, had bad days. A good 3-4 years worth of that.

On the 5th, he slowly withdrew himself, stopped taking himself and our relationship as priority. He stopped working for us, he slowly withdrew more and more, and eventually who’s to be surprised that he decided to leave?

And on the leaving, who’s to say no? Break ups are always one-sided, and if one decides to call quits literally the only other thing you can do is move on...

It hurts a lot more because the last 5 years cannot just be forgotten. In fact they’re in plain sight, every detail, every photo, every word. It hurts because of the friends you’ve grown closer and gained through this relationship seem to be unsustainable without link via this boyfriend.

And I believe my friends,

The only thing you can do
is move on

It will hurt a lot, and probably for a long time, and it will probably leave some scars, but unless there’s a big change in belief of the relationship, there’s no good reason to look back.

Rationally, as many have also pointed out, petition wise I’m happy to sign to keep this platform alive, but there first needs to be a change in the belief of the management to keep this sustainable. If not, perhaps a change a management in entirety.

$50 is not much for a working class and I can well afford it, but only if this proves to be a sustainable cause.

You know what would hurt more? Getting slammed in your face by your boyfriend you once loved again and again in the face because he simply doesn’t believe we’ll work out. And this I believe is true for the people who run this, based on current events.

It’s not surprising to me that Dayre decided to close down. The news of this has floated about from a long time ago, and where I used to work, my friends from the Singapore office occasionally updating me on the situation on how the company’s outlook on Dayre is.

Breaking it down:

Fact: they see the community as valuable

Also fact: they don’t want to fork out more money nor efforts to make it sustainable

Ok brb. Also don’t hate on me because I’m dwelling upon a slightly sensitive issue. One time of people hating on me on this space for wrong and untrue reasons was enough lol.


*** just in case *** hahahaha

Ok so as I was saying, community and sustainability.

For sure, and for most too, you can see that the community is one-of-a-kind, the fact that businesses want to get on, to grow, and even to start.

But it’s also a fact that the last effort to sustain this was purely from the community and nothing came from the company except the call to buy coins. If you want to keep this space alive you need changes, bug fixes, people running this, people getting businesses to advertise on it. It simply can’t be a pure community effort because it will not make sense in the long run.

I wish that petition could get them to change their thoughts or even initiate a buyout, but given the cynical Singaporean I am, I just am not sure.

One of my manager’s greatest advice is to find a solution rather than point fingers at the problem. I’m still working on that because I still believe finding the root of the problem is important in fixing what we have, but I know the solution is most important above all.

To the community that exists here, I’m sure we will find a way to move on, one place or another.

I don’t have the time to look for another at the moment because I barely have time to live, but I’ll be keeping a look out to where we go. There are really many Dayreans I will miss reading and I don’t want to lose this very special community we’ve built, but hey, the believers will move on together, I’m sure, just like the mass migration to weblogit for a moment.

Ming’s take on the shut down of his baby πŸ‘†πŸ»

Also, I’m now on Wordpress by @yeomabel as well to try things out. Shall start looking for people to follow aft I nap 😴 oh and to check out the other apps too AIH so much effort.

Day 41

Saturday, 10 Feb 2018

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themindfulwanderer (avatar)

themindfulwanderer Hello! Have been a silent reader ☺️. Totally agree with what you have said! They definitely see the value of the app but do not want to put in effort in sustaining it!

1 year ago

stopthepretence (avatar)

stopthepretence ☹️

1 year ago

Wanderlustdreams (avatar)

Wanderlustdreams Will you still be doing up the post on social media & influencers?

1 year ago

yeomabel (avatar)

yeomabel @themindfulwanderer yeah haha maybe a better company will take over but otherwise I’m sure humans and their ability to change will make it work somehow :)

@stopthepretence oh well what to do... ☹️

@Wanderlustdreams wanted to do it this weekend but ah it’s very untimely. Will see if I can find another opportunity to, this space or otherwise

1 year ago

meowingalltheway (avatar)

meowingalltheway It seems they're open to investors now!

1 year ago

yeomabel (avatar)

yeomabel @meowingalltheway if that really happens it just goes to show how powerful a united community can be 😱 fingers crossed!

1 year ago

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