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Tuesday reflections x TCL

Feels like a Sunday today, doesn’t it?

Thankful for the break in the week because this tired body needs proper rest. Been gunning on each week with one day of break, which most of the time and energy spent on the little one who comes over on Saturdays.

Sundays the last two weeks have been burnt on full day work events and we all know given how short weekends are, by Sunday evening you barely feel alive with two days of break (from work, without the variable of proper rest), much less one.

You don’t quite realize how fatigue takes a toll on you until you slow and get to rest, but your body basically disallows you to because you’ve conditioned it to run on nothing but sheer determination and adrenaline. Good and bad really, depending on how you see it haha.

But I guess that’s just start up world for you. You either love it or you hate it 🤷🏻‍♀️

My new interns have already begun feeling the heat with them staying late alongside us and I don’t even want to count how many times past 11pm, when we can claim our cab fare hahaha.

This has been what’s keeping me busy the last two Sunday. And also yesterday. And also tomorrow ☠️ but it’s the last one tomorrow 💪🏻

Essentially a travel scratch map idea that evolved into a peeling sticker map. Just fill in a simple form and follow our newly begun klooktravel_sg IG account to peel to win. Grand prize of a $1000 holiday given away 3x and the last was given out yesterday. The lady didn’t even flinch when we told her she won while there we were hyperventilating because she literally was first to the fresh new board we had for Chevron House and she picked it out 🙀

When Lady Luck shines on you, she really does.

1/750 chance ok 😱

10 people activated just to cater to the CBD madness. Also note all of our tired faces hahaha.

(Yes I know there aren’t 10 people in the pic, 2 were late haha)

Occasionally one of us turn mad amidst smiling to strangers, 90% rejection rates pulling the crowd, being patient with old people and their skepticism to online travel agents and of course, pure fatigue.

@ahmantha dropped by with Ian on Sunday to support, bearing gifts of koi and refresh for a renewed mojo. Thank you for coming down ❤️❤️❤️

If anyone else still wants to come down for some sure-win prizes, we’ll be at

📍 Chevron House
🕑 10am-3pm

Prizes up for grabs:
1) $5, $10, $50 Klook credits
2) Travel adaptors
3) Picnic mats

And since HomeAway is a partner for our Chevron House event,
1) HomeAway vouchers
2) Duffel bags

Events naturally have their own forms of intensities but starting the week of with a crazy Monday included the following schedule:

9am-3pm: Event
3-3.30pm: Rush through lunch and bring things back to event
3.30-4pm: Call with KOL
4-6pm: The Travel Intern Workshop
6-6.30pm: Challenge issuing to interns
6.30-7pm: Breathe and start work ☠️

Content workshop by The Travel Intern ☝🏻

I’m beginning to feel like even though a lot of the events in this 3 months are scheduled for interns, I’m taking away new things too, be it in the very same events I plan for or an insight into new ground I’ve never been able to cover.

Decided to take a break after 7pm because it was a looooooong night ahead given I only really started work at 6.30pm.

Popped by The Closet Lover at their Raffles Xchange outlet 😌 Very super pleased at their new location because it’s walking distance away from my office hehe. They close at 8.30pm, slightly earlier than do most malls, probably because the office crowd has mostly gone home/ out haha.

Heading there pre-public holiday at 8pm proved to be a great decision because there were just a few people at the shop. Ah how I could shop at ease!

Was on the lookout for the Coastal Serenity collection and the newest Modish Refinery collection was already stocked too haha.

Spoilt for choice haha but I already knew what I wanted to try huhu. Quickly glanced around if there were other pieces I wanted to try and off I popped into the changing room.

Sage top in grey

I think this also comes in navy and white but I decided to go with a colour I don’t have n pieces of 😂

Super basic top! Super easy to throw on and go. Flares out so no worries about Feel Fat Days or Buffet Days.

I think it’s a fine line dressing casually to work vs wearing pajamas which I have crossed too many times hahahahaha. This top makes it casual but sharp.

Arm hole seems to run slightly smaller than usual so it’s actually quite fitted at the hems haha. It was mostly ok for me! But if your arm/ pits are on the wider side then maybe you wanna try this piece out before buying.

Jaden Buttoned Midi Dress

This was what I (and @gilliansng) had my eye on haha. This is such a classic piece!

I love that it scrunches and poofs at all the right places, making this a really easy piece to throw on and go.

BUT when I sent this to friends I had SO MANY mixed reviews. It’s a piece which either you love it or hate it I think?

It was either “OMG THIS IS VERY NICE” or “THIS LOOKS LIKE MY GRANDMA’S DRESS” hahaha. When I told Gilli this she told me that no, her grandmother doesn’t wear this and asked me to ignore HAHA.

Clearly we were on the team of the former. Loved how it looked on @briannawonggg too!

The fit was superb. It buttons up to closure and with every button I did, I was like, there is no way this is fitting me the way it is. There isn’t any slack and was just basically figure hugging without being too tight. Neckline was also just right.


Also, pockets 😍 There is so much to love about this piece hahaha.

Only thing is that it’s clearly not a midi on me LOL but it’s ok. You wouldn’t know that if you saw this just on me and not the model 🌚

Buttons down almost all the way and goes perfectly with my nude sliders 👌🏻

Luela Dropwaist Dress

This was the third piece I brought into the changing room when scanning the shop for pieces to try. Loved the prints!

I haven’t shopped since CNY and since the shopping hiatus I’ve noted my sore need for clothes that need no thinking/ clothes that I can throw on and go.

This is super duper easy haha.


According to site all the pieces differ slightly because of the fabric but that’s not a big issue for me haha. Also I thought this was a new piece when at the shop (at that time I didn’t know the next collection was for office pieces) but the staff told me this is a restock. I can see why this piece is so popular 💕

The drop hem. S O C U T E.

Makes a cute swish-swash when you walk and perfects this piece as a midi.

Yes I know, midi again. Also slightly on the long side for me because I’m tiny but this piece is 2.5 inches shorter than the previous dress which makes it still ok for me.

I could already envision myself out with this piece so I threw on my bag to see how it looked and viola hahaha I could REALLY see myself with it hahaha.

Wanna make a guess which pieces I bought?

If you’ve seen my IG story you would already know the answer but take a quick guess and I’ll reveal in






I bought them all. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

They were all such pretty and easy to wear pieces and I didn’t see why I shouldn’t buy any of them so I bought all of them hahaha. Oh well this retail therapy was very well deserved 😌

Plus, the first two pieces from the Coastal Serenity collection were the last pieces at the shop. I mean it goes to show:

A) how popular the pieces are
B) how much fate had it in for me coz they had my sizes for those exact pieces


Tbh even if it isn’t I’ll tell myself that anyway 😂 just like how I told myself the pieces were pretty even thought some said the Jaden Buttoned Midi Dress is a grandma dress and another said I’m wearing my phone case for the Luela Dropwaist Dress lolol.

Ok so that was my latest visit to @theclosetlover and actually I think I’ll be heading over to their shop a lot more often now that it’s so near me hehe.

#theclosetlover #tclreviews

Ok done with my Tuesday storytelling. Gonna zone out for the rest of tonight and rest for another day of activation tomorrow 💪🏻

Goodnight y’all!

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Tuesday, 29 May 2018

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ehlisen The “grandma” dress is nice!!!

8 months ago

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yeomabel @ehlisen yessssss I think so too heheh

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