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It’s been a while, you.

I’ve thought about you multiple times, but you only come in flashes that leave as soon as you appear. Life has it such that I don’t have the luxury of time to sit down in hours to pen down any possible inspiration. The landscape has changed, as have I. I will always miss the history I have with you. While this is not goodbye, we know things will never be the same.

Today during the class break I finally had some opportunity to interact with my non-Singaporean classmates in less German because my God with them I constantly get reminded how inept I am at it.

I lightly laughed at their attempt to order a local drink of Teh-C, spoken to the most unauthentic Singaporean accent possible. “Teh, C?” followed by a big grin of my Russian classmate. Yes, indeed so, my lovely foreign friend.

When walking back I noticed two of them carried their bags out, to which I asked why. Anastasia laughed and replied, “he’s from Russia and I’m from Ukraine, we always carry our stuff around!”

Oh what stark difference we don’t realise are ingrained in us.

“You know this is Singapore right? You can leave your stuff in the classroom!” As I did, only wallet and phone in hand.

“Well, I didn’t zip my bag! It’s open!”
“Me neither! Mine doesn’t even have a zip!”

Oh what a 5-minute walk back 😌

Day 109

Thursday, 19 Apr 2018

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