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Dim sumbody say Hong Kong? 🇭🇰


Finally feeling like I have time and mind space on my hands because I’m in dim sum land wheeeeeee.

It’s been a long time coming and well deserved break ok it’s been 10 hard and long months without a proper holiday (1 work trip in between but that’s it) and as much as HK is not my fav country to be in, I’ll take whatever I can get.

Mandatory I’m-going-on-a-holiday shot. If it’s not this it’s a pic of your passport and boarding pass.

Everyone does it so just embrace the flow.

#nofilter I think if there was the pic would be even better.

Look at the gorgeous cloud view from my seat. And baobao positioned the cam!!

Most of the 3+ hours flight was me REM-ing coz I only slept 2 hours before 😴 I think my brother asked me to wake like 3x to eat my food coz the air stewardess kept coming back to ask if I’m eating or she would clear it 🤦🏻‍♀️ I’m eating!!!! Just that I’m sleeping hahahah. Gurl, you gotta understand I’m one tired kid & just let me sleep till I’m ready!!! 💁🏻‍♀️

Spamming pics here coz it’s too much for IG hahaha. On the plane shots!


“Too. Much. Hair. Get off aunt Mabel!!”


Ever thankful I grew up with siblings haha can’t imagine a life without.

Also, redid my hair!!! Erm, I wanted to update about my hairventure as I always do on my last visit to Eason but I haven’t had time and LOL everything has already faded off. Maybe another time on the update but it was ash + green and faded off to bleached lion yellow. I colour corrected with violet semi permanent dye and all the lighter parts are now streaks of purple + it’s an overall reddish brown. LOVE!

100% do not look alike. All of us. LOL.

Hallo y r your cheeks so heavy u cutie

I think this is the most adoring pic I’ll ever get of bao & I 😍😍😍 fav #auntmabel moment captured on cam to date 😌

Day 174

Saturday, 23 Jun 2018

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nicolegoing 😍

6 months ago

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yeomabel @nicolegoing ME RIGHT k thx 😍😍😍

6 months ago

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