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Eyeliner Embroidery 101

Happy Monday everyone 🌞 who else is up at 3am watching Brazil & Switzerland play?

I’m so gonna be zombified tomorrow but it’s once every 4 years, worth it!

In other news, thought I would share more about the eyeliner embroidery I did! Full disclosure, the procedure was sponsored by Browstation but opinions are my own.

Vivian who I spoke to first offered brow embroidery but I don’t need it because I’m lucky enough to have quite a full set of brows. Opted to try out eyeliner embroidery instead for one very simple reason:

I’m very lazy.

Hahahaha it might not seem like much but when you save that extra 5-10 mins daily trying to draw your eyeliner in the morning, it really adds up to time better spent sleeping or otherwise.

Most days I go into office barefaced, and on occasion throw on the additional eyeliner and lippie for a meeting. While my work embraces whatever I am, it’s always nice to still look (and thereby feel) good, and best when it’s effortless.

A quick search on Google showed that there aren’t a lot of articles/ information about eyeliner embroidery online as compared to the more common procedure of brow embroidery, but here’s the full 101 guide of what you can expect of an eyebrow embroidery 😸

P.S. Long post ahead but read on if you’re keen to see what the process is like + my healing journey!

What eyeliner embroidery is

I didn’t quite know this before but I believe eyeliner embroidery is developed more to tightline your eyes than a creation of a full-fledged eyeliner. Well you technically can, but most therapists I think advise against it in case there comes a day you want to draw it differently.

So what this leaves you is a black line (Vivian from Browstation advises against any colour other than black) where your eyeslashes grow for your eyes to always look perked up 👀

Pain level

The age-old question that everyone asks. On a pain level of 1 being a prick to 10 being childbirth, I’d say it’s about 2-3. I don’t have very high pain tolerance LOL and this was my very first question to the treatment too.

A good numbing cream is important and I’m happy to say that Vivian’s numbing cream worked well LOL. It’s more discomfort than the actual embroidering during the process + after (the ache + swell was real).


I don’t think eyeliner embroider is per se comparable to eyebrow embroidery because for that you cover a lot more skin and it’s that much more visible. For eyeliner embroidery, because it’s just one line, touch up is VERY important.

The first treatment will put about 20-40% ink in depending person to person. This is because the embroidery inks on a lot of dead skin at the eye area (sounds gross I know LOL) and they shed and renew. Usually the first embroidery will start to peel/ heal within the week of the treatment!

Embroidering on new skin is always more effective and hence it’s really the second treatment that determines the effectiveness/ eventual colour.

Treatment + touch up happen about 2 months in between, and will last about 2-5 years when it’s done. I was pleasantly shocked at how long it can last hehe.


If you don’t already know what embroidery is, it’s basically shallow-cutting your to put ink in ok haha it’s not all that different from tattooing except this is a semi-permanent procedure because it puts ink at the surface level.

Procedure takes about 1.5 hours – 2 hours, including waiting for numbing cream to take effect + reapplication so it doesn’t hurt. I kept my eyes closed during the whole session and Vivian stretched the skin around my eye to embroider the colour in.

What Vivian did for me was that she first drew out where the line would be and when I was happy with it, then proceeded to go ahead with the embroidery.

BLADES. Omg pls when I first saw this I REALLY wanted to back out LOLOL. The left blade is to cut your skin by hand (this makes me cringe even as I’m writing it) and the right is to attach to a machine 😖

I’m not sure if other places actually use just machine, but with the hand blade, it offers more precision + less discomfort because the machine goes bzz bzz bzz and all the bzz-ing vibrates madly on the skin around your eye which causes a lot of discomfort + tearing LOL. It’s mostly ok to go with a machine, except near the tear duct where tears can get in the way.

Sorry I don’t know any better way of putting that HAHAHA.

She also checked in many times to make sure I don’t have numbing cream in my eye (it would have a burning sensation if it did), and constantly used saline solution to ‘wash’ my eye to make sure it’s clean of foreign particles (dead skin, colour, etc.).

There WILL be a lot of wiping away of the colour around your skin as the procedure takes place which I personally didn’t like because I don’t like tugging on the skin around my eye in general so that’s just something to note for people who want to try!


Vivian does eyeliner, eyebrow and lip embroidery. Of course I only went for eyeliner, but I think @missgoob went for eyebrow embroidery with her before and was happy with it!


🎀 $238 — Invisible eyeliner
Korean style lash liner, enlarges the look of your eye.
✅ Recovery period 7 days


🎀 $288 — 6d Embroidery
Define strokes. The most natural and similar our own hair.
✅ Recovery period 7 days; avoid product and water.

🎀 $288 — Misty embroidery
Manual technique, look like make up look.
✅ Recovery period 7 days; avoid product and water

🎀 $388 — Powder mist embroidery
Machine technique, make up powder look.
✅ No recovery period; you may directly wash your face/ touch water after 4 hours.

🎀 $398 — 6D + misty embroidery
Combine 6d and misty techniques at the same time. Most popular style in Singapore.
✅ Recovery period 7 days; avoid product and water.

All prices include one touch up and scar cream. Touch up must be after one month and within three months.

And if you guys are keen, here’s Vivian’s number. She’s super friendly and patient. I know this because I had 1001 questions before and after the procedure which she patiently replied hahaha. Chinese works better for Vivian but English is ok too!

☎️: +65 86618501

My healing journey

After that very long explanation on the who, what, where, when, why and how, phew. Finally here hahaha. I thought it was important to document everything above because there really aren’t many articles at all online on this and for once, Google wasn’t giving me satisfactory searches.

Ok let’s go. First up, my before and after pics:

B E F O R E :

Eyeliner-free, and off to my appt at Orchard Plaza.

Before! Note how the lash line looks like - quite bare.

A F T E R :

Right after the appt – CAN YOU SEE THAT 1.5 HOURS OF HARD WORK. Hahahhaa eyes actually felt very tired after all that embroidery but I look completely perked up.

+ light swell post embroidery.

Side note: Do NOT splash water on your eyes when you shower at home on treatment day. I made the rookie mistake which basically felt like putting salt on ulcers, but at my eyes.


No kidding my inner drama queen fell to her knees and questioned the heavens. Hahahahhaha.

D A Y 1 :


This is to be expected haha it was a good thing that the next day from when I did this was public holiday so I just hid at home. My double eyelids were so thick LOL it was as if I cried the whole of the day before.

Could only open my eyes up to about 3/4 and was quite teary. Was quite achey!

Fat and swollen hahahaha.

After the first water splashing incident though, the eyes were totally fine with water after.

D A Y 2 :

Most of the swell had gone down by then – super duper quick. Skin around the eyes have super quick healing abilities man.

You can tell that the skin around my eyes were still quite traumatized from all that wiping action – the amount of lines around the eyelid folds are a lot more than usual.

Still slightlyyyyy swollen but putting the scar cream daily was helping.

D A Y 3 :

Not much difference from Day 2 but still putting on the scar cream religiously to help with the healing.

Eyeliner colour still looking quite dark!

D A Y 4 :

Started peeling! The embroidery started to itch which was really quite annoying coz it’s a weird place to be itching and you can’t really scratch that itch LOL.

I would find bits of black attached to my lashes from the peeling and itchy fingers me would sometimes rub my lashes and pick on the loose ends of the black. Wouldn’t suggest it though hahaha.

Colour has started to lighten slightly.

LOL. The pics I took for this journey I tell ya...... hahahahaha

The road to beauty is arduous hahahahahaha

D A Y 5 :

By day 5, the peeling was in full swing and it basically means that colour was to lighten from then on. Colour had also significantly lightened from Day 1.

Ok one more close up of the colour.

Skipped a few days of pics in between because they started to look the same LOL.

D A Y 1 3 :

Pardon the messy hair don’t care ahahahaha.

Through the healing process my eyes started to feel a little strange – one eyelid seemed to end up folding at a weird place and I had one eye bigger than the other. I swore I was super scared it would be like that for the rest of my life.

Quick pop in with Vivian and she told me that she’s never encountered this before fml so it was just me. Hot eye masks to the rescue and I let it rest a few more days.

D A Y 2 0 :

Took about a week but my eye finally started to find its correct fold and it started to go back to normal. YAYYYYYYY 🎉

What an eventful healing process hahahaha.

D A Y 4 9 :

Today’s update!

It’s definitely not super defined anymore as per how it was first embroidered on because I haven’t gone for my touch up but it’s definitely there. The black isn’t super obvious any more but it fills the spaces between on the lash line and gives the illusion of fuller lashes!

In all, it does what it’s supposed to - perk the eyes up 👀

The details seem subtle but comparing to the first photo- you can definitely see a diff at the lash line!

Now when my friends see me and tell me I look very tired, I can say with certainty that I’ve been worse LOLOL.

And yes, I will conclude my very long post and contribution to #dayrebeauty here hahaha.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask below and I will try to help based on my own journey but otherwise, if you’re looking to make your next appointment, the go to person will be:

Vivian (Browstation): ☎️: +65 86618501

THANKS FOR READING THIS VERY LONG POST. I took so much time to write it omg hahahaha. Have a good week ahead guys!

Day 169

Monday, 18 Jun 2018

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Inzwt (avatar)

Inzwt Very pretty!

3 months ago

audt01 (avatar)

audt01 Wow looks very good! 😍😍

3 months ago

nataliecwx (avatar)

nataliecwx Omg! I wanted to do eyeliner embroidery too but my aunt did it quite long and she said it’s painful. But since there’s numbing cream I think I can go ahead too. Anyways, just wanna check with you when you did your eyeliner embroidery, after you’re done with it, do you still wear contact lens the next day or something? How about the healing process? (:

3 months ago

yeomabel (avatar)

yeomabel @Inzwt hehe thank u!!

@audt01 hehe thank u!! Miss u omg haven’t seen u in a while is it time to catch up?!

@nataliecwx do you mean the process is quite long! Ya the process was about 1.5-2 hours with all the numbing cream waiting in between. Didn’t really hurt for me!! Every time I even began to feel something I would tell Vivian and she would apply numbing cream and waiting again so I really didn’t feel much HAHA not pain at least. I wore glasses for about 3-4 days aft the treatment! Aft that it was back to contacts and glasses only if I felt my eyelids feeling weird haha. I would suggest you do it on a Fri and you can hide at home on the weekend. By Monday the swelling should have gone down!

3 months ago

lucidreams (avatar)

lucidreams You’re one brave girl!!

3 months ago

yeomabel (avatar)

yeomabel @lucidreams tbh I am still amazed at my madness to go ahead and the idea of having to go back for touch up still shakes me up a little even though I know it doesn’t really hurt hahahaha oh well it’s hard to be beautiful (and lazy) in this world man

3 months ago

nataliecwx (avatar)

nataliecwx Ahhhh I wish I can do it on a Friday and hide at home during the weekends but my work doesn’t allow that thou. 😭 How swollen is your eye after you did it on the first day? And the swelling will die down after 2days right?

3 months ago

nataliecwx (avatar)

nataliecwx Can you also blog about your touch up after once you went for your touch up? (:

3 months ago

missgoob (avatar)

missgoob You very effort!! But iz chio!! 😍

3 months ago

shortyminimad (avatar)

shortyminimad Waaaa 😍😍😍 tempting to do it. Saves make up time. Will then retire the eyeliner 🤣🤣🤣

3 months ago

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