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Recent Netflix Conquests

Happy Labour Day y’all ❤️

How have four whole months passed us by in 2018 without us quite so much as realizing? Days are quite much a blur in the slurry of quick-paced work, amidst almost daily runs of social gatherings.

At any, almost every moment of peace I find my mind wandering to the meadows of emptiness, musing upon my need for distractions and ironic lack of rest. Ah, the human brain is complicated and the sustenance is conflicting.

Netflix has quite very much been my literal companion in my dead travel time and stoic quiet times and I would love any recommendation you can send my way.

I’ve grown to realise the types of genres that I truly like are:

1) Comedic sitcoms
2) Smart, problem solving series

Two seemingly polar opposites but when you think about it, good comedy is harder to achieve than most genres. It has to be smart and sharp with a twist.

Walk with me will you, on my recent Netflix conquests, and perhaps lend a suggestion or two on titles you think worthy? 🙂


Late to the game but on the bandwagon nonetheless. You know the series — super smart detective called Sherlock Holmes with a sidekick called Dr Watson who solve crimes together.

As you may have noticed, I’m midway through the available seasons and 2/6 episodes have been a slight miss for me. Not majorly in a turn-off way, but the fact that they’ve set the standard so high on this crime mystery succession that anything I can figure/ pick out the oddity is not okay.

Hard to please, I know 😂

But may I also just say that the cinematography is fantastic. The transitions are super smart and the subtle art of certain lighting/focuses in the scenes make it an absolute joy to watch. In all, a series truly worth your time.

Santa Clarita Diet.

If you haven’t already watched this, PLEASE DO. It’s comedic gold. It blatantly takes the fear component from every apocalyptic movie out and turns it into the most ridiculous possible series. Here’s a zombie with a conscience, trudging through life trying to figure things out because I mean, why SHOULD only humans get to enjoy this privilege? 😂

Side note, maybe not the best if you can’t stand the sight of blood.

The deadpan faces of Drew Barrymore and Liv Hewson through all the absurdity is almost too much to bear and I sometimes just look at them and already chuckle purely based on the premise of the show.

Queer Eye.

If pilot episodes are made and storyline sold to producers to come up with the full series, Queer Eye did just that. Though the selling part might actually be applicable more for storyline series than reality TV. But you catch my drift — one episode is enough to get you hooked.

5 gay men take on straight people and revamp them. Stereotype gays all you want but the show features a mix of cute to talented, quiet strength to flamboyant.

The series finds pockets of time to bring in realer than real problems like gays finding their place in society, black/ colored men getting discriminated, their story of coming out etc., and amongst it all, the very talent of an artsy eye of a makeover.

Funny, and meaningful.

The 70s show.

If you’re familiar with Friends, you’re familiar with the charm of a group of friends journeying together through 10 seasons of friendship, love and growing up. In a similar fashion, the 70s show surrounds a group of 6 friends and their growing up, solving problems and causing trouble together in the age of the 70s.

None is quite like Friends, but a light-hearted sitcom with ongoing laugh tracks gets me started on my morning commute and put to bed at night.

There are 8 full seasons to this and up till 7 it was great to decent. At 8, I gave up at ep 7 and skipped right to the finale because of the abrupt change in main characters and odd storyline. That season should never have been made and it made the series bitter towards the end. Nonetheless, go for season 1-7 if you’re looking at a Friends-like series and stop there.

Also, don’t go googling about the cast because that also kind of ruined it for me a bit. At least not until you’re done with it!

Don’t Trust The B**** in Apartment 23.

In search of my next unwatched, available sitcom, this was brought to my attention and while it hasn’t been ha-ha hilarious, the contrast between the debauchery of New York City life vs homely small town Indiana has been amusing to watch and it’s a relatively good put-me-to-bed-in-a-good-mood series. Main characters almost always screw each other’s life up in a fashion unacceptable to the other, and both end up a better person at the end of the episode.

Krysten Ritter intrigues me and if I finish this series quick enough I might try Jessica Jones which she stars in.

Aaaaaaand, that pretty much are my top 5 most recent hits. Oh wait I have one more good one to share. Bonus!

The Good Place.

If you like Brooklyn Nine Nine (which I looooooove), try this. From the same producer (Michael Schur, who also produced Parks and Rec), The Good Place takes on yet another inanity where Kristen Bell, supposedly a bad person, ends up in The Good Place after her death due to a mistake. The Good Place is akin to heaven, when she really belonged in The Bad Place. The episodes take you through twists and turns that I personally didn’t see coming.

Each character is built quite uniquely with their very reason in the series which I grew so fond of that I ended up quoting them so much irl when I suffered withdrawals from the end of the latest available season 2.

Can’t wait for the next season already.

But yes, those are my top 5, I mean, 6 of my latest endeavours on Netflix. On the side I have Brooklyn Nine Nine, The Big Bang Theory and Scorpion up to date on cable, and Modern Family which I ration but ultimately am on season 9 and near the end.

So, if there are recommendations of similar series or otherwise you think I really should check out, let me know. Share the love, please!

Also, big thanks to @gilliansng who made everything possible aka my Netflix sponsor. Yes, I am a leech LOL. We all have such a person around 😂

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Tuesday, 1 May 2018

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elocinla (avatar)

elocinla Brooklyn Nine-nine!! It’s damn funny!

9 months ago

yeomabel (avatar)

yeomabel @elocinla yes I’m up to date with the latest season on cable! It’s not out on Netflix yet, so slow ;(

9 months ago

atadtd (avatar)

atadtd I'll recommend Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency! It's a scifi detective series with comedic elements 😊 each season is one mystery but it got cancelled after the second season 😢

9 months ago

njieyingg (avatar)

njieyingg suits!!

9 months ago

yeomabel (avatar)

yeomabel @atadtd I tried one ep but I didn’t make it past the first 15 mins coz it was so weird and gory 😩 but I’ve heard good stuff esp the first season! Second season I heard it was a letdown LOL. Maybe I’ll revisit it anyway hahaha thank u!

9 months ago

yeomabel (avatar)

yeomabel @njieyingg I tried it for a bit!! Tho it never actually got me hooked haha what of it especially interests you? Minus the charm of Harvey of course hahaha

9 months ago

mellllllllll (avatar)

mellllllllll I had watched both Sherlock and Elementary and I prefer the latter. If you do watch it, let me know which you prefer! :) Broadchurch is very interesting too and Apt23 is hilarious!

9 months ago

pokpokgee (avatar)

pokpokgee Prison Playbook is not bad! I like Santa Clarity and B*tch in Apartment 22 too! Like good brainless shows for transport. I quite enjoyed Grace and Frankie, and Gilmore Girls too! Although they don’t exactly fall in your category of shows haha.

9 months ago

chrislovee (avatar)

chrislovee JESSICA JONES LA! I say how many times JUST WATCH IT

9 months ago

yeomabel (avatar)

yeomabel @mellllllllll really! On and off I see Elementary on cable but it never really grabs my attention the way Sherlock does haha. What’s Broadchurch about!

@pokpokgee I’ve heard good things about Prison Playbook too! But 10 mins into the first ep and I really got inpatient and closed it LOL. It was so slow 😩 I checked out trailers for Grace & Frankie but yeah not really my kind of show hahaha but I’ll take a look at Gilmore!

@chrislovee AHAHAHAHA DID U how come I don’t remember this 😂😂😂

9 months ago

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