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Big day today!!

For one I’m currently awaiting my oral exam for my official B1 exam. It’s really been a long time studying this man... I really wanted to skip a level and if I pass this I would successfully manage to.

The bulk of the exam’s done but let’s see how the oral exam goes.

In the meantime, the baby I’ve been working on has finally started to see the light of day :’)

I was allocated this project with a never before seen budget to manage (at least to me LOL), and this involves hiring interns this summer. Sounds easy but when you break it down, there’s school outreach, fairs to go to, production, online noise, ads, influencers, programme, and the actual trip to work on. It hasn’t been easy at all guys.

TLDR; If you want to or know someone who wants to intern this summer (May-July), apply to Klook!

Our interns get to travel 😍😍😍

Where you can find more details:

Sorry my Dayre plus expired and I won’t be getting anymore but not hard to type right? Hahaha.

Perks of working at Klook:

👉🏻 You get to travel (ya it’s a confirmed trip guys)

👉🏻 You really get a taste of full-time work coz we treat all our interns as full-time employees and everyone’s responsibilities are huge and real so you aren’t just making coffee. The only coffee you’ll make is your own tbh

👉🏻 You learn from a bunch of elites. Idk how many times I’ve said this offline already but perhaps never here - everyone is Klook is specifically hired for a reason and they really hire the best of the best. Work ethic is great, everyone is super collaborative and willing to teach/learn, everyone knows their shit so the whole eco system in the company is SO GOOD. No politics, just a lot of hard working to your goal.

Pls I’m not saying I’m an elite ok but I do work very hard to make up for my lack of ability where there is and when it comes to the influencer space I do know it relatively well. When I look at the company and see how everyone is great at their work I’m just CONSTANTLY amazed. It’s majorly underrated.

👉🏻 You’ll get to indicate preference on which marketing team you want to be on -
1) Performance (social ads, SEO, SEM)
2) Content (writing articles & working with partners to film and collect content)
3) Social (social media management, influencer space, also going out to collect content, offline events planning and execution)

Of coz I’m on number 3 so if you indicate that you might end up on my team :>

But in all you’ll actually get a taste of all 3. Coz of how I designed the programme to be, for bulk of your internship you’ll focus on the main team you’re on, but there’ll be side projects & workshops to expose every intern to all three.

Wow the more I write about my own prog the more I wanna join it LOL. But guys, let me tell you that it won’t be an easy internship. Having to learn all of them in a short stint is real tough, but if you’re really to rough it out, then I’m looking for you.

👉🏻 Hours are 10am - 7pm so no need to squeeze with rush hour crowd and we’re conveniently located in Clarke Quay

👉🏻 You can wear ANYTHING! Whee one of my fav perks

👉🏻 Klook’s a growing global company - 15 offices currently? Who is to say you won’t be able to grow into a role somewhere after this internship? :>

And recently got our Series C funding of like 60 million USD. Def a super legit company to work for. And it’s about travel guys. I believe it sells itself ok hahahaha.

I could really go on and on but lemme just stop here. All in all a great company and I’m leading this internship prog so you can be sure it’s good 😉

Let me know if you have any questions, but be sure to apply before the due date of 28th in the meantime!!

Ok back to my German books for a bit 📚📚📚

Ok back! In total we’ll be looking for 12 interns, and interns who have very good attitude, keen to learn, learn fast, creative, dare to disrupt the current scene/make a change, as well as hit targets.

Sounds very cheesy but each of the features I have listed are for very good reason. At Klook we constantly chase the unknown and it takes dedicated spirit and practical skill. For the lack of it, you must want to learn and be able to, fast because the pace is insane. And in all the very baseline is the growth of the company.

It will all come together if the right people do, as have our history of interns (who are all power interns btw it’s insane they can do everything like a full timer can and each bring diff things to the table).

The internship summarized in one word?


You really must be willing and able to hustle coz this is me and all of us everyday at Klook.

If this sounds like you, then please apply ok! I look forward to receiving your application. And please also share it with anyone who might be keen/ fit for the role 😊



👉🏻 Internship will be from 7 May - 27 July
👉🏻 If you’re not sure whether to apply or not coz of schedule reasons, just try first - you miss 100% of the chances you don’t take!
👉🏻 All the details are on but if you still have further questions, fire away!

Day 66

Wednesday, 7 Mar 2018

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jermaiiinee (avatar)

jermaiiinee omg i really really wanna apply for this but i’m bonded under scholarship 😭😭 no!!! :-(

11 months ago

yeomabel (avatar)

yeomabel @jermaiiinee nooooooo are you not allowed to do internships during summer? Or did u already grad hahaha. Else only 3 months in the summer!!

11 months ago

tanmillie (avatar)

tanmillie oh noooo i wanna apply but i'll travelling the half of june :(

11 months ago

jermaiiinee (avatar)

jermaiiinee @yeomabel it’s my last sem so i’m gna grad soon! but yea i’m not allowed to intern/work anywhere else till my bond is up :-(

11 months ago

kxldxxh (avatar)

kxldxxh Wanna apply too but I'll be traveling in July :(

11 months ago

chocodoveelves (avatar)

chocodoveelves Looks so good that I'm wishing it's a full time position instead!

11 months ago

sknnywarrior_ (avatar)

sknnywarrior_ Is the compny looking to hire any FT finance position? :)

11 months ago

chewbs (avatar)

chewbs Where’s my slave Mabel Yeo!!! Also we are v conservative w spends excuse meeeeee, haha we will not be shutting down anytime soon!!

11 months ago

yellowildflower (avatar)

yellowildflower If I weren’t employed full time I would def go for this!

11 months ago

nataliecwx (avatar)

nataliecwx Hey! Can I check if the company is hiring for FT position? (:

11 months ago

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