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Not the same but,

You know what would be amazing?

If this space/ community actually gets kept alive by the efforts of Dayreans

I think it’s extremely touching that so many people are stepping up to try and give this space one last chance of a future.

People who have initiated a petition, a survey, reaching out to businesses they know to buy this over, sharing of the aforementioned messages, etc, working to help even if its a small chance of success.

It’s really the people who make this space as special as it is.

Within a few days we’ve hit over 2000+ signatures at the petition started by @sgbudgetbabe, of whom is also actively reaching out to businesses to buy this over. My hair really stood on its end at this. This community is indeed very special :’)

👆🏻 sign it if you haven’t! (Link is case sensitive) No donations solicited at this point of time but it gives her ammo to speak to buyers.

The Netccentric today who doesn’t see this as valuable shouldn’t be keeping this space. And if a buyout really happens, while it’s not the same as per how @bossming might’ve imagined this to be, it might open doors to something new and better. Not the same for sure, but you never know where the wind will take us.

👆🏻 next initiative to further push it by @caramelcamellia - a survey for business owners and writers and readers alike on the benefits of Dayre that makes this space unique and valuable to keep.

Please help if you can! The survey is very short and easy to complete haha.

I really dk where this will take us by the end of Feb 2018 but it will be a valiant effort to say the least. You never try, you never know.

Just checked- 290 more to go to hit the 3k minimum :-)

Day 42

Sunday, 11 Feb 2018

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