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I have a pet seal (seal). It might be a toy.

May 2018

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Tuesday reflections x TCL

Feels like a Sunday today, doesn’t it?Thankful for the break in the week because this tired body needs proper rest. Been gunning on each week with one day of break, which most of the time and energy spent on the little one who comes over on Saturdays.Sundays the last two weeks have been burnt on full day work events and we all know given how short weekends are, by Sunday evening you barely feel alive with two days of break (from work, without the variable of proper rest), much less one.

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IUIGA Popup with @gilliansng 👯‍♀️

I cannot deal with how this coming Fri is a foot into the second half of the year. How did all of 5 months pass so fast?! 😰Out of my usual Mon-Fri work + post work socializing and weekends family and rest, I took a Saturday out to frolic around with @gilliansng huhuhu 🤗Usually we do weekday dinners but it was because of

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Recent Netflix Conquests

Happy Labour Day y’all ❤️How have four whole months passed us by in 2018 without us quite so much as realizing? Days are quite much a blur in the slurry of quick-paced work, amidst almost daily runs of social gatherings.At any, almost every moment of peace I find my mind wandering to the meadows of emptiness, musing upon my need for distractions and ironic lack of rest. Ah, the human brain is complicated and the sustenance is conflicting.

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