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I have a pet seal (seal). It might be a toy.

February 2018

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@dayxport comes to us like a knight in shining armour. If you would like your Dayre posts on Wordpress, read on at @gilliansng:200218Live updates over at @dayxport’s as well for any further server updates and help. You’re a god sent & THANK YOU! This doesn’t port over private posts so I’ll still be looking forward to @blog’s update on my old files!

Ah, the familiar & vibrant Dayre community I know is back. At its peak, I probably followed most EPs and every 15 minutes would give me a refreshed update. I had a lot more time than I do today and I would read and read, write and write.

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Not the same but,

You know what would be amazing?

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Being a kiasu Singaporean and Chope-ing a good username on #weblogit until the community figures something out. There as @/mabel btw hahaha like a pioneer!! Also @gilliansng tells me she will disown me as a friend if I don’t get on it LOL.Migration:1) weblogit as another microblogging app?2) moving to IG? (where I’m there by @yeomabel as well where I’m a lot more active on IG stories and you rly see me weird in action wtf)3) tumblr/ Wordpress/ existing sites?

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