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I have a pet seal (seal). It might be a toy.

August 2019

Day 106 and German Idiosyncracies 🇩🇪

Idiosyncracy (noun)ˌ/ɪdɪə(ʊ)ˈsɪŋkrəsi/A mode of behaviour or way of thought peculiar to an individual.-When you come in from the outside, it’s often easy to pick out unique behavior that is different from home. Some of them I’ve found amusing, others, downright weird 😂

Day 104 and putting together life in Berlin

Hiii! So much has transpired since my last (proper) update. Not that I haven’t wanted to; I have these little pieces of thoughts in my head that never end up concrete and I didn’t want them ending up like the previous post after my friend arrived in Berlin.And omg, I passed the 100 day milestone! 💯 Didn’t even realize it or I would’ve written something in celebration hahaha.

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Hahahah help pls this stupid Berlin transport is killing me. I’ve been out from 9+ in the morning and it’s now 12.15pm and I still haven’t met Mag who’s visiting.She was supposed to land at 10.40am at Schönefeld Airport which is a whole pain on its own coz it’s in zone C and the transport system decides to go on freakin reno (as it always does- can’t count the number of times it has screwed me).

July 2019

Day 70 and my lack of friends 😂

Whaddap Dayre-verse and hello to those new to my space. But I’m curious as to where you guys came from and why? I don’t update this space half as often as I think I should 🤦🏻‍♀️

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Day 55 and House Tour

好累啊 😔 it’s one of those days today and I feel I could really use a hug. Feel like I’ve been hitting a lot of roadblocks lately and feel a bit beaten down because of the lack of options I can take action on because a lot of things are out of my hands ☹️ it’s one thing finding solutions, it’s another when you cannot/ even if you do you cannot take action because it’s not in your purview ☹️ hoping things get better. We’ll see.

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