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I have a pet seal (seal). It might be a toy.

May 2018

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Recent Netflix Conquests

Happy Labour Day y’all ❤️How have four whole months passed us by in 2018 without us quite so much as realizing? Days are quite much a blur in the slurry of quick-paced work, amidst almost daily runs of social gatherings.At any, almost every moment of peace I find my mind wandering to the meadows of emptiness, musing upon my need for distractions and ironic lack of rest. Ah, the human brain is complicated and the sustenance is conflicting.

April 2018

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Conversations w Ice-Cream Uncle Tan

There’s something about old people that makes them extra cute. Just like how we see babies, but a more mellow form.This ice-cream uncle is my tagged partner for the weekend because if you don’t already know, Klook x F&N is giving away ice-creams to help uncles go cashless 😌 uncles still get the payment! Klook’s the one sponsoring the ice-creams.

It’s been a while, you.I’ve thought about you multiple times, but you only come in flashes that leave as soon as you appear. Life has it such that I don’t have the luxury of time to sit down in hours to pen down any possible inspiration. The landscape has changed, as have I. I will always miss the history I have with you. While this is not goodbye, we know things will never be the same.—

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Whee can’t wait haha camping for 8pm!!Haven’t managed to share my CNY clothes series from TTR but they’re all damn pretty? Lemme see what I can find from my phone hahaha

February 2018

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@dayxport comes to us like a knight in shining armour. If you would like your Dayre posts on Wordpress, read on at @gilliansng:200218Live updates over at @dayxport’s as well for any further server updates and help. You’re a god sent & THANK YOU! This doesn’t port over private posts so I’ll still be looking forward to @blog’s update on my old files!

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