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all about McDonald's 🍔🍟

I don't know about you but since young I've had "phases" with McDonald's. I love fast food.

🍔 McDonald's, because it just is.
🍔 I also like MosBurger, because I find the quality pretty good. love the fish burger, Mos Chicken & milk tea!!
🍔 Carl's Jr., for its beef chilli cheese fries, sweet tea & how big the portions are!!!

the rest like KFC, Long John's, BK,... they're okay I guess. as for Popeyes, Texas chicken etc they're a different league altogether.

LOL let me delve deeper into McDonald's, since I probably eat it the most. or have eaten it the most.

when I was really young I liked eating filet O fish!

I never liked mcchicken. thought it was the lamest thing ever and didn't taste nice. HAHA

probably because when I was much younger my parents used to order for us and my mum would get me the filet O fish because my mom prefers fish to poultry & she doesn't eat beef!

fish mcdippers!! I liked it a lot too and I don't know why it phased out - guess it was not popular enough and they probably launched it as a seasonal item.

they sold it together with tar tar sauce I think? loved it so much 😍

and even way back before fish mcdippers if I'm not wrong, there was chicken mccrispy!!! aka McDonald's version of KFC 2 piece chicken. I loved it because the chicken pieces were huge but it was SO SPICY omg.

I remember eating it in lower primary? or even younger and my sister and I were STRUGGLING to eat 😂 but omg the crispy skin!!! and the superheroes! although now I can't remember why got 2 superheroes and what they each stood for.

I had a mcwings phase too! probably in upper primary and my biggest weakness till date is fried chicken.

but mcwings is not exactly value for
money... and it's definitely not filling so I try to avoid it. except for yesterday 😂

had a chicken nugget phase back when Javier and I were hanging out before we got together - but that's a story for another day, probably for the post where I'll be sharing about how we met/got together 😂

ugh pardon the .png file and its transparent background 😪

anyway i like double cheese burger too and how cheap it is!! $2 😘 although it's now known as the mcdouble and you get one less slice of cheese if I'm not wrong. oh without pickles please & thank you.

anyway! currently, mcspicy is my favourite burger from McDonald's. best is if you order it with the steamed bun/filet o fish bun and when you bite into it it literally melts in your mouth,... although it probably will get stuck to your teeth HAHAHA.

a lot of people love adding cheese and I've tried it once but nah... didn't like it.

the only issue I have with it is that my stomach can't take too spicy and so when I eat it it's highly likely I get diarrhoea LOL.

breakfast items

McGriddles is my all time favourite breakfast item and I'm more than upset that they have phased it out :(

I used to think big breakfast was good but I never liked the English muffin... same goes for sausage mcmuffin with egg!

when breakfast deluxe first came out, it was the first few months Javier and I got together and we LOVED it. think we had close to 5 breakfast deluxes in 2-3 months 😂 and yes I could finish it on my own LOL.

so nowadays I just stick to the hotcakes with sausage meal.

since we're on the topic of breakfast, I must mention that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE HASH BROWNS. I know they're quite basic and deep fried but it's just so good!!! I attribute it to my crazy potato obsession.

I usually eat it with garlic chilli or maple syrup. I know, maple syrup sounds totally off but it is really tasty!! to me at least. the sweet + savoury combination is perfect!

anyone likes having their hash brown with maple syrup too?


there're some condiments I used to love that have been phased out too... such as

McDonald's mayonnaise.

I remembered that it tasted very "western" to me because my household has always only bought Kewpie mayonnaise which is the Japanese type of mayo 😂

I don't remember when exactly it got phased out but I remember being quite sad about it initially!

when garlic chilli was still in a yellow packaging! & I don't remember what the orange one was but I miss the sweet chilli packets too (can't find pictures of those).

but because of McDonald's I have both sweet and garlic chilli at home now for whenever I toast my toxic nuggets/seaweed chicken/etc 😂

things I've tried from McDonald's outlets outside of Singapore

McPork. available in Japan and Thailand if I'm not wrong. definitely Japan but I can't remember if Thailand has it or not. and it's really good! loved the sauce 😋

I remember during one of the times I was due to return home from Japan (or was it Thailand? omg I really can't remember) I realised the airport had McDonald's but it was at the departure hall of another terminal so I ran all the way and took their "sky train" just to go buy McPork HAHAHA. a lot of dedication don't you think.

when Javier and I went to Hong Kong in 2013, I tried the "Korean McSpicy"... which was quite a disappointment.

and then last year in Korea we tried their version of McSpicy too! I'm not sure if this is the right picture because I don't understand Korean HAHA but if I remember correctly it looks like it. although I don't remember having turkey bacon in mine.

whichever the case I think the Singapore McSpicy still suits my tastebuds the best and is my favourite one hands down!

Shaka Shaka chicken!! which I had in Tokyo in 2009. mm basically it's like Mos Chicken but a tinier version. you get a piece of fried chicken in a perforated bag where you can tear the top off. but prior to that you have a seasoning powder that you pour in and "Shaka" (shake in Japanese? I guess 😂).

as you can tell, my love for fried chicken is unmistakeable.

errrr I think that's the end of my crazy McDonald's post for now. HAHA unless I can think of more items to add on. 😂😂

I really love fast food and fried food even though it's so unhealthy. but I've definitely been trying to cut down on eating it already. as compared to secondary school... I had at fast food for lunch at least once a week 😳 #fatgirldiaries

wrote about McDonald's until I woke up with a sore throat :( HAHA okay I kid. but really though, how to go to work like that?

some guy has a blog completely dedicated to McDonald's items around the world - and it is extensive!!!



saw this on my Instagram feed and it looks promising.... but with advertising I know I can never be sure. any idea @sweetpea? 😅

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Sprinklesofrainbow (avatar)

Sprinklesofrainbow u can change the bread for mcspicy?i did not know tat.haha thanks for ur recommedation,will go try tmr☺

3 years ago

tingles (avatar)

tingles 🙋 Maple syrup with hash brown please! 😍 People judge but it's too nice to not eat that way already haha 🙊wah haha your stages of macdonalds very similar to mine too!

3 years ago

flrncx (avatar)

flrncx I love plain double cheeseburger 😍 I also love plain McDouble and call it beggar food cuz I will eat that when I'm broke HAHAHA. Damn cheap!!! Btw omg I super wanna try McPork 😭

3 years ago

yeelinlicious (avatar)

yeelinlicious @Marimo yes you can!! it's my favourite way to eat McSpicy because I hate the sesame seeds on the original bun 😂

3 years ago

yeelinlicious (avatar)

yeelinlicious @tingles yessss. why would they judge!! it's so good 😍

3 years ago

yeelinlicious (avatar)

yeelinlicious @flrncx plain is the one without sauce? I like the sauce leh!! just not the pickles but HAHAHA ya I know what you mean by beggar food!!!! can just buy 2 some more if not enough LOL. Javier is damn siao sometimes he wants extra protein he will order it without buns (so just the meat patties and cheese). that time I ordered and the person got a shock he was so confused and dunno how to key in the order 😂😂

3 years ago

shutingshits (avatar)

shutingshits Omg mcpork is so good!!!! 😋

3 years ago

sweetpea (avatar)

sweetpea I eat macdonalds 5x last week and 2x this week and now I wanna eat macs again after seeing all these. 😭😭😭

3 years ago

yeelinlicious (avatar)

yeelinlicious @shutingshits yaaaa I love it!! haven't had it in years alr I'm so upset 😢

3 years ago

yeelinlicious (avatar)

yeelinlicious @sweetpea LOL I'M SORRY. but you dieting right so cannot!!!! jiayou ok. after your ROM if you wna jio me go eat macs I'll be down for it even though we hardly know each other beyond dayre 😂😂

3 years ago

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