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New mummy 73009

March 2019

No 1 can be so sweet. I wish I could write all thing sweet things he do for me. But I can’t rmb all. I was lying on the mattress without a pillow. No1: mummy, do u need a pillow? Went to take and give it to me. No1 see me cry. He walks over and touch my face. No1: mummy are u sad? Then just sits with me and hugs me.

February 2019

Dunno why my supply dipped a lot. Last pump 2.5 hours only 70. I was sick. Recovering alr. Like almost well then dipped. Weird.

To freeze or not to freeze? I feel like I cannot accept the zinc taste. But my girl can. But I dun want her to drink it cos it taste awful. Due to the frozen food I need to keep, I dun have much space in my freezer to keep my bm. Do I even want to stock up? Or I just have a small stack of 25 milk then the rest I’ll let my boys drink? 6 hours 30 mins. Missed my pump. :((((( R110 L130

8 weeks pp4 hour 25 mins 180 3 hours 35 mins 1604 hours 200 *suspect milk booster. Cranberry almond cereal

Valentine’s day Gave my Husband a present: he was able to sleep thru the night. 6 hours straight. The day is as normal. We went out to the library and went to get some groceries. Came home ard 7.30 and I know I’m screwed. I needed to pump and the girl needs to drink at 8. My husband is on the way back but not soon enough. My parents wants to have their dinner outside. Soon after my Husband is back, my mom left. Thankfully the boys are abt to finish.

January 2019

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