Yan Ling (avatar)
updated 7 months ago

Sephora rant 🤯

Sephora is a joke? Is it too much to ask for a replacement (albeit 2nd time) since you send me a product with weird dots on it AGAIN.

Mind you it’s a pressed powder??? Can’t be I accept it and put on my face? Who knows if I will get pimples or rashes from it?

And thanks what’s the $5 for?

Do I look like a beggar wtf?

The powder is totally useless if there’s weird black dots. Item cost is way more than your miserable $5 wtf.

I am so annoyed over this 🙄

I suggested to do an exchange over the counter (win win situation) more convenient (they don’t even need to pay for the courier 2 ways) and I can exchange my powder for an absolutely pristine condition one. Nope they rejected my offer.

Is this so hard? I just want what I have purchase. PERIOD.

Day 293

Saturday, 20 Oct 2018

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arissaphyllicialin (avatar)

arissaphyllicialin The Cs at Sephora is really nonsense. Once they sent me the wrong item. Can you imagine, after 2 exchanges they still continue sending me the wrong item. I even gave them a photo of the correct item and yet they still sent me the wrong item 😭 worse of all, they don't even seem apologetic!!

3 months ago

saltvinegar (avatar)

saltvinegar Omg yes Sephora is such a joke. I had to practically threaten them with the consumer tribunal so they would honour the free gifts they were supposed to give me.

2 months ago

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