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December 2018

now when i come to think of it, i should have gone to the other class and also even if it’s my last performance, i could have invited my leaders to join.. :( kinda regretted not going for the last performance. but also i might not have time, and will be so stressful and might miss today’s graduation

today i watched the performance. the one of the performance i was supposed to do.. and i realised i missed acting so so much. did i make the right choice? sigh i’m so confused. but i’m also glad that i’m living this toxic country

November 2018

as i stopped acting, i suddenly feel sad. i suddenly realised its actually what i ultimately want. you know when you have it, you just take it for granted. but when you’re on the verge of losing the chance and have to grab every chance u see, you suddenly feel..... sad.

what is love?how do you love another person?how can you accept another person in your life and live with him or her for the rest of your life? omg life, i need a life manual to teach me how to 24 i start to wonder, actually isn’t it better to live alone? like travel alone? you can do whatever you want, go wherever you want and be happy? just hang out with family and friends once in a while when u need how do people do that?pls enlighten me

October 2018

just being away for 3 years and you’re neglected. you are not everyone’s priority now. altho you still keep them in the same place when you left. you still treat them like your priority but you’re slipping away from theirs. in this life time, you’re just alone.

i hate myself.i hate the way i have to behave.i hate the environment which made me the way i was.i just hate can i change it?how do i change it? i hate to think of all the consequences.i just hate life.i hate living with people.i hate interacting with people.human relations are the worse. why can’t life be carefree???

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