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updated 3 months ago

chill days at home 🏑

Woke up and found my grandma + aunt over at my place = Nasi Padang for breakfast ✌🏼✌🏼

They actually woke up and left home at 5.30AM to go wet marketing near my place before coming over to chill/ cook/ visit us :’)

Meanwhile.......the parents are enjoying their breakfast overseas.........😩 how I wish I could be there with them instead of worrying about the upcoming assignments/ presentations/ exams over the next couple of months 😭

Beautiful weather this afternoon :’)

Skipped over to Liho cos I was craving for bubble tea but ended up getting chocolate milk with pearls HAHAHAHA I can’t believe I actually paid 4 bucks for this - when my cravings hit I make weird and irrational decisions oh well.

And my v indulgent lunch of salted egg fried chicken cutlets and rice πŸ₯° yum yum πŸ˜‹

Succumbed to this cos I refuse to spend $8 on a chocolate cake which I saw earlier on at Maison Kayser (and would have finished in less than 10 mins) - who else loves twiggies like me!!!!!! Plus it’s so cheap HAHAHAHAH I need to start saving money alr - especially with grad trip & other exciting plans the later half of the year!!

Current study space πŸ“š

Trying to complete a couple of readings (but failing terribly cos I keep getting distracted) because I’ll be out of the house for the entire day tomorrow and I feel guilty slacking the day away 😩

Day 16

Wednesday, 16 Jan 2019

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eatpraylove_pumpkin (avatar)

eatpraylove_pumpkin I was at Serangoon gardens today too:))

3 months ago

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