Rachel Lim  (avatar)
updated 2 months ago

Regretting my timetable scheduling every Tuesday morning

Alr out of the house and on the way to school but I feel like I haven’t even slept a wink last night (maybe cos I only slept at 1.30AM and had to wake up at 6.30AM) but oh my lord am I exhausted 😫

Also, reposting a simile photo cos guess which lucky one bagged home another regular tub yesterday 🥳✌🏼and had it for breakfast :’) it’s actually v v filling so let’s hope it’ll keep me full till our lunch break later on!

I would gladly have acai bowls every single day if not for how costly it is sigh IF ONLY I PRINT MONEY!!!!!!!

Day 22

Tuesday, 22 Jan 2019

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