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stay home day 🏡 burpple beyond ✌🏼

Rainy and lazy days call for staying in the comforts of home and ordering delivery :’)

Definitely over-ordered for the 3 of us though (I didn’t realise how much I ordered until I sent the order in & saw the invoice lol) I hope the food is good so we can finish everything and not leave any leftovers 🙃🙂

Oriole Coffee + Bar

Met up with Phoebe last Saturday and we had brunch/ lunch over at Oriole HEHE my second time there (thanks to burpple beyond) and we got the exact same items I had with jess the previous time we went 😋

$17++ for everything - I rly love burpple HAHAHAHAHAAH


Food was good, ambience was great but company was the best! Haven’t seen her in quite a while cos she’s been pretty busy having started work recently & no more double dating for us (since josh and Anders are both in the 🇬🇧)


Shopped around town and ended up at matchaya cos she hasn’t tried it before! We were tempted to use burpple (yes again) but figured that we probably couldn’t finish 2 soft serves + 2 drinks (jess and I almost died the other time when we tried to finish everything HAHA) so we just settled for drinks!

Both drinks came up to $10.50 which was actually quite wasted cos jess and I only paid $10.90 for 2 drinks + 2 additional soft serves the other time 😂

HEHEHE anyw if anyone is planning to get burpple beyond use my referral code ok!!!!! Tbh i believe it’s pretty awesome cos they have quite a number of partners and some of the deals are rly worth it! There are cafes, drinks, restaurants, dessert places, etc. I don’t rly eat out with friends but it honestly saves me q a bit of cash whenever I do! 😬

*plus if you use my code, I can get 1 more free month (heheheh) and you got 20% off also la!


Day 18

Friday, 18 Jan 2019

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