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I’m the girl who’s lost in space

May 2019

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It’s been a week since we’ve moved in! Finally got down to packing up our old place & moving our stuff over.. we’ve been putting off really moving in for about 4 weeks as it felt like a staycation without all our mess. We’d put down a mattress in the middle of the living room & watch telly all night haha. So.. this is our home! It’s been a long but very rewarding journey. Have learnt a lot from this community & I hope I can stay here & write for a little longer.

March 2019

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Shit happens

I am so sad, I almost wanted to cry 😖 Our concrete floors were perfect until glossing them. The patched up part turned black! A big round black patch in the middle of my kitchen entrance & walkway 🤯 You can see it right when you enter the house & there is no way to hide it with a plant pot or stool.. it’s in the middle of nowhere.

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Plumbing works

Plumbing works done! Very pleased with the workmanship! I’m very anal with straight lines & centralizing stuff, esp since with my wall tiles, anything off centre/slanted can be very noticeable. They managed to align the toilet accessories to my tiles perfectly❣️ Look how my faucet matches the wall tile grout line hahaha

February 2019

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Week 3 to 7 — almost there!

It’s been 7 weeks so far since we’ve started reno (+ the CNY break), so I shall attempt to remember what happened during those past weeks. Let’s see...Week 3 — Picking out our laminates. There were so many shades of grey to choose from though, from Lamitak to Jennings. Thank god the kitchen cabinets are the only carpentry we’ll be doing so I guess we don’t have much of a headache choosing them. We went with Lamitak Wintry Grey in the end!

January 2019

To Tempur or not to Tempur

3am & I’m still thinking if we should go ahead with our Tempur mattress buy 🤯 It’s a really great deal at Tangs but we’ve just never taken our mattress as a priority and much less spend thousands on it! But S has chronic back pain & our only intention today was to purchase the Tempur pillows... so we tried the mattress too & it was like *dramatic* the most comfortable bed we’ve ever laid on. Original Price: $5999 (though I believe they don’t ever sell it at this price) Sale: $5099

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Week 2 — Still Tiling, Masonry

Week 2 — Our backsplash & sink support is up! Was a little upset before that the grout size for the subway tiles seemed slightly wide but when I came back to have a look the next day, it didn’t bother me at all. So strange. We decided on a grey grout though incase black may make the grout size look even wider.

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