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July 2019

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This is the third day in a row that taking the lentronat causes so much throat irritation that makes me want to puke. Tue: i managed to keep the puking under control. Thought it was just due to coughing. But most of the day my coughing doesnt get that severe to the point i need to puke.

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Went back to gynae 👵 to let her tell me what meds to take. She wasnt happy with my weight. Rofl. Cos theres a 1kg increase from last week. Lol.. cos i was in work pants! I wasnt prepared..! Lol

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Fever start liao..

Today is the start of taking lentronat. But ive been feeling like shit since last night. Like shit meaning headache in the evening, so happy to eat dinner that i forgot to eat my gastric medication(wasnt sure if i still needed it). followed by (bad move) choosing to watch show on my phone on the car ride home. Landed up in me feeling nauseous and wanna puke in the last 5 mins of the car ride.Went sleep with a burning throat and woke up with a still burning throat.

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Yay to big poops: 55.2kg before poop. 54.3kg after poop. Yays 🎉

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Such a bad day at work. Scolded my team lead twice today. I really shouldnt. But i cant help but feel like im still teaching him how to do his job even after so long.

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