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July 2019

Today I feel defeated.

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Putting on a brave front is so tiring.Took PM leave today to see the gynae at my CD12 as we have decided to proceed with iui. Wanted to check if the follicles are of a good size already. Have been taking leterozole from CD 3-7 this cycle morning and night. Was having high hopes until the ultrasound scan showed I have only 1 follicle in each ovary at 8mm and 10mm only.Gynae says there might b more but blocked by my cysts.

June 2019

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I'm such a sticky wife. I miss my husband the minute we go our separate ways. My dream job is to open a shop and work alongside him everyday lol.

Recently I felt a tugging pain at my right lower abdomen, I assume it is my right ovary, whenever it is near to my ovulation day. Not sure if it is telling me I'm ovulating soon or it is the dermoid cyst tts causing this mild pain.Husband asked me tt day if our issue could be due to my cysts. I have cysts on both sides and the one on the right is close to 5cm it I recall correctly. Actually I have the same doubt but I'm just afraid of going to surgery for it.

It would have been my first mother's day

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