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Hair // Teeth try in

I would like to conquer glossophobia - the fear of public speaking. Since young, I have always looked up to people who went on stage and started speaking, be it story telling or singing. I admire their courage. I can never stand on the stage and SPEAK. I would like to conquer this fear to share knowledge or ideas or even stories to more people.
Thank you @nuffnangmy and Walt Disney Studio Animation! #NNPREMIERESCREENING #GoodDinoMY

I kinda miss my long hair. Haha

Like finally. Fingers crossed for try in tomorrow. Gum work not done yet. Haha.

Teeth setting takes forever. 😂

Always class III. Good or bad. 😁 It is still a learning process that matters.


Day 322

Wednesday, 18 Nov 2015

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suyxiaojun (avatar)

suyxiaojun good luck! 😆 makes me feel like participating also hahaha

2 years ago

xindi (avatar)

xindi @suyxiaojun Just join if you love movies. If you won, its a bonus, if you dont, you can always buy urself. 😁

2 years ago

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