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Nuffnang's birthday bash πŸŽ‚

What's dash laughing about?

To find out, go read my blog!! Yes, the other super neglected one, which I finally updated!!!


Ok lah also update my dayre!!

As you all possibly already know, a few days ago we celebrated nuffnang's 7th birthday!!!

Nuffnang has helped me so much in my career, bringing it to places I've never thought possible. And they continue to help other bloggers fulfill their dreams of becoming a full time blogger too.

Has it really been 7 years?

When I first had that meeting with @bossming at an Indian restaurant with mike and he told us his lofty dreams.

For a company that will unite bloggers from around the world, bring us credibility, make us the money we deserve, and take our passion to the next level.

I didn't really believe him at that point. But it was a dream I hoped will come true, so I told him I'll give him my support

@davienne was introduced to me shortly after. If I had doubted @bossming back then, I doubted him even more when I saw @davienne.

She was one of the very few employees that Nuffnang Singapore had... She was an intern.

She looked like she just turned 18. She came to my condo back then with @bossming for a meeting. When she saw a soft toy I had on the sofa, she squealed and went to hug it.

"Nuffnang has no hope Liao lah," I thought to myself. "Maybe Ming trying to xian this little girl."

(Note: Ming didn't)

Well honestly the @davienne today would still squeal at a cute soft toy, but she grew older, donned on blazers, and helped take the company to where it is today.

I see her go from manager, to country manager, to heading new countries' offices, to whatever she's doing today, regional head or something.

As she travels to bring Nuffnang to more and more countries, she learns Thai, mainland Chinese customs, Malaysian ways etc.

Today she remains one of the smartest, most hardworking girls I know, and a fabulous friend!

Speaking of that... Not only have I gained @bossming and @davienne as friends, I've also got to know so many others through Nuffnang...

@qiuqiu, @soapz, @yutakis, @fourfeetnine just to name a few. @cheesie I already knew before Nuffnang.

I'll be eternally grateful for @bossming and @timothytiah's lofty dreams and hard work. So many of us gained so much, and Nuffnang definitely revolutionized blogging for Asia pacific... And hopefully the whole world soon.

With success there will definitely be competition. Other social media agencies have popped up.

I'm disappointed to see that some - company starts with a G - use extremely unethical means to make money.

They lie about their bloggers' stats, blow up their company earnings on newspapers, make their bloggers actually sign contracts to never reveal that they are masking paid ads as genuine reviews. They buy fake followers, fake YouTube views.

Perhaps faking it till you make it will earn you money in the short run. But in the long run, if your ads don't work, they don't work. Companies won't work with you anymore as news spread.

I've never spoken out about this.

Today, I just feel glad I'm with Nuffnang. An ethical company headed by ethical people whom I can trust my life with.

I'm glad that all these years, neither Ming nor Huiwen has ever told me to do anything against my values just to earn a quick buck.

Certain things are more important than money, and I'm glad Nuffnang is aligned with me on that. 😊

Ok enough blabbering!! Photos from the party!!

With ytk in the car!! Taken during a red light.

Qiu was seated at the back entertaining Dash.

Lol the sun too strong for qiu

Arrived at the party, located at Full House, Clarke Quay!

The restaurant itself is very nice with really pretty decor and the food was really good too.

However, I hate Clarke quay! Full of bars and pubs in a row that I had to walk past before I could reach the restaurant.

People were smoking and listening to thumping music. πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’ I NO LIKE!!! It just felt so unwholesome pushing a pram through the unwholesome crowd!!

Why can't people be more wholesome!!!! 😠*prude alert*

Some woman was obstinately standing around smoking and it was so crowded I had to yell excuse me to be able to push my pram through. She didn't move so I accidentally rolled over her foot with my heavyass Stokke pram.

She was furious and threw me death stares. Outwardly I was like Sorry sorry but inwardly I was like "Serves you right for being so unwholesome. Why can't you go home and watch tv instead of clubbing like a degenerate."

When I was grumbling to qiu about why must parties always be held at loud, crowded, difficult to park, smoky, no lift places, she said "Yeah lah next Nn birthday we hold it at your place ok?"

Lolol!! That would be fantastic!!

Theme was 007!! The cake is awesome!!

These pics are all from yutaki's camera. I didn't take any at all coz I was busy either taking care of dash or eating!!

All of us in black or red, so cool!

Posting this blurry pic because you can kinda see my awesome diamanté hair accessory!

This pic I also posted on Instagram and it has 72k likes!! Woah!!!

Told you this ytk and qiu always have their DW (dumb whore) moments!!

Took this pic coz the two of them didn't know the carpark censors turn red when the lot is occupied. Lololol this is the moment they realised!!

Everyone had to go back to my place at 930pm coz it was Dash's bedtime at 1030 and he still needed to shower.

We continued camwhoring on my couch!

Duck lips

Nowadays I very confident always post up pictures with no filter no edit lol!! Actually just lazy. Plus ytk's t15 Casio camera does such a good job with it's makeup function!!

With ytk

Happy seventh birthday Nuffnang!!!

End off with this super sexy photo of qiu hahahahahha!!

She doesn't care if I post this, she's great like that. πŸ˜‚

Day 62

Monday, 3 Mar 2014

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qiuqiu (avatar)

qiuqiu Wah i love this N年前 story ☺️ can totally picture @davienne squealing..... Lolol!!!

5 years ago

fourfeetnine (avatar)

fourfeetnine Hahahaha what is @qiuqiu doing in the dw photo?! And I didn't know this gushcloud lidat! Omg so juicy let me whatsapp you all hahaha

5 years ago

pearlang (avatar)

pearlang 😍😍😍 Dash Dash...... (why so hamsun...)
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @yutakis (why so fun...)
😭😭😭 @qiuqiu (why so sampat....)

5 years ago

yutakis (avatar)

yutakis NN FOR THE WIN!!!! @xiaxue

5 years ago

graciex (avatar)

graciex Is that the diamond necklace from orro? ❀️❀️❀️😍😍😍

5 years ago

yutakis (avatar)

yutakis @graciex smart eye! Yes it is! Lol.

5 years ago

yutakis (avatar)

yutakis @pearlang I went a little crazy on this post. Lol.

5 years ago

plush (avatar)

plush I hope someday you'll turn on the mobile viewing capability on your blogger. It's almost impossible to open up and read with iPhone :(

5 years ago

rebekatee (avatar)

rebekatee @qiuqiu Your face really super epic lehh, #like

5 years ago

sugarn5pice (avatar)

sugarn5pice Lol at yutakis n qiuqiu DW moment of not knowing of the car sensor lights

5 years ago

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