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Mentally ready

Do you believe in "gender seasons" for babies?

It sounds so ludicrous but when I got pregnant with Dash, it was boy season, and that lasted for about a year.

Suddenly everyone who was pregnant around the same time as me was having boys!

@junnebae, @fourfeetnine, @cheesie, my cousin Michelle @dariustyx, @potatomusmaximus....

Everyone I heard of that was pregnant who is a friend's friend or something was also having a boy.

Out of maybe 15 pregnancies I knew of, one had a girl.

After Cheesie had baby Junya, suddenly the spike of pregnancies died around me for a while...

Then girl season begin!!

Qiu's having a girl and so is @fourfeetnine her second time round (so madly jelly cannot take it!!) and suddenly all the people I knew around me are having girls too!!

The chinese gender prediction chart states that at age 30 and 31 is the prime for having girls... With the exception of November, dec, and jan, all other months to conceive will get a girl!!

It was accurate for Dash but for example for Cheesie it was inaccurate, so I guess I don't really trust it... It definitely isn't 100% accurate.

But I saw this website with statistics on its accuracy and it seems more accurate than not?

You can also see the column for age 30 (which I am until April) is all pink! 😄

Wtf I just saw there is another completely different chart with a lot of boys for age 30 one wtf is this shit?!

Nvm choose to ignore that chart it must be a hoax. I believe the one that has a lot of pink.

Anyway my point is...

I wanna get into baby girl season before it's over!!!

According to the chart nov dec and jan will result in a boy so I just steer clear of it.

Maybe in February I start trying!! Hopefully not too late to catch tail end of girl season!!

I've been trying to mentally prepare myself for number 2 for a while now.

I asked Ellen if she plans to stay on after her contract ends. I told her she's affecting my life decisions and if she's not gonna stay, I'm not gonna try for second one coz I really need her help during pregnancy as I will turn into a vomiting pig who sleeps 16 hrs a day.

She asked me to go ahead. I told her please don't punk me wtf.

I still have no idea the sleeping arrangements but I guess I will make do when it happens.

If I get pregnant early to mid 2015, it will be just right I guess coz Dash will be going to school around that time. I'll be bored out of my mind when he does? So should be ok to accommodate another baby in my life.

Try not to think of the scary parts of it and just think of it as something that has to be done.

I think being an only child is hard. Somemore my brother is so young, it's not like Dash will have cousins near his age.

Back to the girl thing... I guess of course there's a high chance I'll get another boy due to my Ah lao's boy genes in his family.

Actually boy also ok la... I love Dash so much that if I have another Dash, I'll also be very very happy.

Sorry very distracted by sudden feeling of love for him again must talk about it.

He bring so much happiness to my life and is so squeaky and funny and cheerful everyday. Another Dash sounds fantastic. Touch wood choy he hasn't been sick in a while so I a bit forgot how torturous that is. TOUCH WOOD AH I SAID TOUCH WOOD VIRUSES DONT COME.

There is this famous Taiwanese blogger mom with a cute son...

Mixed half Taiwanese chinese and half French!!

Anyway she got pregnant with second child and it was a boy again. I guess people showed pity towards her until she got quite annoyed so she yelled (or so it seemed through social media) that she's perfectly fine with having two boys and she will love her second son equally blah blah.

In my heart I thought she just had to say that to sound not like an asshole but must be feeling disappointed inside.

Plus the first kid is so damn cute!!! How to ever fight with that? Second child confirm inferior right??

When the second child was born, I was WRONG.

If anything, he is actually CUTER than the brother. What sorcery is this?!

Wtffffff 你是人还是猫??? Damn cute Ttm!!!!

It's a boy but ok ah!! Gimme gimme I want!!!!!!!

I everytime also tell @mystylemysong that lottery cannot strike twice one. She said can one look at this Taiwanese blogger wtf!!!!!

Not only is the younger very adorable, the elder is very caring and sweet towards his little brother.

I'm sure this makes the mom love them both even more.

Looking at her perfect little family gives me hope. Maybe even having two boys isn't so bad afterall, at least until they are 6 and up I guess lol. And when they both learn how to wank. 😳 ok don't think about that it's freaking me out.

Yeah lor so in conclusion!! I think I'm ready for baby number 2!!

Not so sure if it's a good idea to announce the trying starting month but I feel excited!! Anxious and scared but too excited!! Must announce!!

I guess you all can then know how fertile I am lol. Audrey says it takes 3-6months for second pregnancy so I won't get too nervous about whether zhong or not. Don't get then see doctor lor.

But I'm mentally prepared now! Woot!

Dr law already said he is keen to see me for second birth and I'm actually excited about the hospital stay wtf. Whether I'll be going to Mt E orchard or Mt E Novena I know it will be smashingly awesome.

And to be frank I also miss the laughing gas. Hahahaha!!!

Baby girl Dash... You can come into my life soon ok?

Lol how come I have this feeling that if I have a girl she will be damn diu lian just like my son? 😂😂😂

Another Taiwanese blogger with a half white baby girl.... @buffysarah on ig.

So damn pretty and adorable lah!! Jet black hair and light grey eyes wtf???

Ok lah I take this one!!!

#babyinspiration #youthinkshoppingforbabiesah #ifonlycanhor

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Monday, 24 Nov 2014

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mystylemysong (avatar)

mystylemysong I'm thinking hor.. the chart not accurate because we are all born in different months. say someone is born is november, then base on what age?

3 years ago

leiluu (avatar)

leiluu Everyone came to me and say aiyo boy again? Can try again for girl it's ok. I was hah!!! I don't mind la the gender as long as my kids are healthy! But I might secretly wish my third child will be a girl la but actually also ok if it's a boy again hehe mama boys :)

3 years ago

mystylemysong (avatar)

mystylemysong Hey you are exposing all my cute baby sources. If 亞歷媽 closes her acct again I find you ah.

3 years ago

mummytong (avatar)

mummytong Nice to have a girl❤️. But if #2 turns out to be another Dash, it is also "bonus" time😍. Healthy baby is more important❤️

3 years ago

kellyethanian (avatar)

kellyethanian I feel u 👊 I got two sons too. though disappointed but still will love the 2nd one as much as the first one. The idea of trying for third one and hopefully a girl is creepying into my mind but decide to just stay at two at least and hope they will love and care each other when we are gone.

3 years ago

Abcherylmin (avatar)

Abcherylmin You can fb search 台法混血儿米ya亞 or Emilia Angelina - 台德混血儿 both this mixed blood baby girls' damn cute too!!!!

3 years ago

willyyilly (avatar)

willyyilly Good luck xiaxur, hope your dreams come true. I'm sure the second one will just be as cute, if not cuter 😊

3 years ago

appledesu (avatar)

appledesu Omg xiaxue, I was just thinking yesterday that you should try for a 2nd one because next year got this jubilee baby thing right. I know you boy or girl also nvm, but I really hope to see a baby girl from you! XD all the best!!! ^^

3 years ago

cheese84 (avatar)

cheese84 It's about time. Whatever it is, u sure love them cos they are ur flesh and blood! Yeah! Happy that dash have a playmate!! A siblings!
My kids age gap is 2.5 years old. It took me a while to wanna have another one. We really hope to hear good news from u!!! 👍👏💪

3 years ago

lindaaa77 (avatar)

lindaaa77 Can't wait to see baby 2! May all your wishes come true

3 years ago

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