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2015 August

Toys and their Significance

I'm following the Najib saga and Bersih 4 rally with so much interest! I love Najib because he is just so hilarious with his blatant lies that he thinks Malaysians must be idiots to believe. 😂😂 I'm watching bemused...And the Altantunya (sp) murder is so intriguing omg. The witnesses all retract statements and murder by C4! More twists than soap opera.Good job Malaysians in Bersih rally now!! I'm supporting you guys!!

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Orange haired cb Auntie

Today I had a craving for llaollao and at the same time I needed groceries so I went to the nearest llaollao location for me at Hougang mall and 顺便 do supermarketing.Along one of the supermarket aisles hung a toy train... Unfortunately I parked the trolley, with Dash sitting in it, next to the toy train for a bit, and Dash saw it.He doesn't understand the concept of buying something. He simply saw it and wanted it.

2015 July

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Leaders vs Followers

Note: Ate some muscle relaxant sleeping pill thing coz of sore shoulder aches. Fighting the sleep and feeling quite woozy so this entry might turn out a bit 语无伦次。Have you ever considered whether you are a leader or follower? I wonder if people are either here or there. I can't decide which I am.

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The Age of Innocence

Just deciding to pen a random thought on my Dayre because these days, I can't sleep for more than 5 hours at a stretch wtf... Slept at 3am last night, now I'm awake at 8am. 😒And then later I'll be super sleepy and need a nap. Or even two! Lame.Anyway, I was just thinking to myself... Why is it that when children hit a certain age, most people but their inner circle dislikes them?

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A mundane day made un-mundane

I spent my Saturday just staying in. In fact, many weekend days are spent staying in, because my husband is a crazy homebody.After working hard all week, all he usually wants to do is to laze at home comfortably and spend some time with Dash.If we do go out, maybe it's for a midnight movie after Dash sleeps?Personally, the weekends don't really matter to me since I don't have normal work hours and can go out all I want on weekdays.