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May 2016

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As you all know I love my Carrageen lash extensions! Wake up looking pretty, go to sleep looking pretty, and even swim looking pretty haha!!Over the years I feel they really have improved so much. At the start there were only bundle lashes available, and they really weren't as comfortable as single lashes.

There is such a thing as eyewear true love

Entry deleted because the blogger I wrote about was notified, MULTIPLE TIMES, that I wrote about her. Are you guys serious? It was kept anonymous for a reason, no names mentioned.The entry was just what I thought was an interesting and funny story about my obsession w my fav sunglasses. Not meant to hurt anyone.She told me she saw the entry and was very upset.Just to clarify:

March 2016

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Don't even know how to title this

Countdown 15 mins till Dash is supposed to wake up from his nap so quickly blogging out some thoughts on Dayre.Dayrians or whatever you guys call yourselves are freaking awesome. Every time I have some confusing thoughts over issues people give such illuminating, non-judgmental comments. It's a smart community of nice people!! :D

February 2016

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Holy shit... I feel like a member of the Walking Dead today, except maybe not so ravenous at the sight of human brains.So Dash picked up some phenomenal flu virus. At first he only had a mild cough and some mucus so I thought it was just a cold, easy peasy.But last Sunday (7 days ago), he started to run a fever. 39.9 degrees wtf.

January 2016

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Now that I got your attention with that title... 😂Dash has been having a fever for the past 4 days... I have no idea where he got it because he went to school for a week and he seemed fine on Saturday and Sunday... Then started a fever on Sunday night. I suspect he got it when we brought him to the water park on Sunday.

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