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I might be obsessed with my son. And myself. 💁

March 2017

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I'm the Queen of Victims

I hate victimhood culture.It has spread like some fucking disease in the states, where the more victimized you are, the more of an oppressed minority you are, the more you can simply and conveniently take offense at every little thing and claim discrimination.For example... if you are a minority race, if your boss chose to promote your majority race colleague over you? JUST YELL RACIST!

February 2017

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Picture taken at @bossming and @pattyinnit's beautiful wedding in Thailand 🇹🇭

January 2017

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Trump: Self Sacrificing Genius Leader or Racist Idiot?

Long time blog readers will probably know I am a huge fan of Dilbert's creator, Scott Adams.http://blog.dilbert.com - here is his blog.These past week I've been obsessively devouring material (videos n text both) on Trump because I find him such a fascinating character.

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Unpopular Opinion

Ok, @bossming just had his annual "talk" with bloggers and his conclusion to me, as it is every year, is to blog more. So here I am, on dayre, not quite sure what to post about.

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