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I might be obsessed with my son. And myself.

2015 March

Updates on the baby making

(Pregnant ladies should not read this. You've been warned. Fuck off Qiu and Aud)Lol an appropriate sticker!Remember some time ago I said that I would start trying for a kid at the start of February or something?Maybe some of you are wondering how that's going.Well, I've decided to chicken out. Last November when I suddenly was hit with maternal hormones I decided to take the plunge and the wait seemed so long.

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Took these series of pictures of him doing some cheek squeezing. Thjs pic so ugly lol

2015 February

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Finished reading a book for Dash... I said "the end" and shut the book. He looked at me and said "Nice the story." 爱死我啦臭宝贝

2015 January

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Dash just vomited and laughed because he thinks it's so funny to skid around in his own vomit.Talk about gross lol!

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Today Dash saw a fat cartoon character and said

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Hate the chocolate levels on candy crush and soda crush!! Why don't let me just pay money to skip the level?? Especially hate the white chocolate!! Urgh!Sorry ah maybe you saw the sticker and thought I'm gonna talk abt the sagas lately but mad disappointed. Lol