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July 2019

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diy newborn shoot

6 more days before the end of confinement and I'm starting to feel so sad already. I got an amazing nanny this round, we click so much better than my 1st cl who took care of me when i gave birth to #1. Of course there are things that is lacking with my current cl but its nothing that i cannot overlook. The first week she came, we chatted briefly about baby photography and I was just lamenting about how my hub is lazy to do it but doesnt want to spend the moolah to hire photographer.

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Koen's birth story

I better starting penning my birth story before everything becomes a blur. So on the 24th, I had the bloody show and I thought it was d-day. However, there wasn't any pain or contraction so we decided to wait it out after confirming with the clinic that we only admit if i have contraction or more bloody discharge. Then came 25th, hubby and I dropped kyan off at school and went tiong bahru market for breakfast. On the way home, we started snapping some pics of the belly at the old walk ups.

June 2019

d-day? 39+1 week

I wonder if today would be d-day.Woke up to pee at 5am and then started feeling some dull cramps. Don't feel like contractions cos it doesn't come and go, but just kinda there? Anyway, though we've been waiting but this feels like such bad timing because Kyan was just running a temperature last night coupled with cough and flu. 😥 dont really want the baby to catch any nasties from kor kor but i would love for them to meet immediately after i give birth. Ahhhh. What a dilemma.

We are at week 37 now. I cannot believe how fast this pregnancy has progressed. In less than 3 weeks, I am going to be a mummy of 2. Wow wow wow. That reality hasn't sinked in yet. Anyway, since its the 2nd time we are doing this, I feel less anxious probably because I kind of know what to expect? The only emotional thing now is the guilt I feel towards my firstborn - like how I am not going to be able to give him my 100% time and attention as compared to before 😢.

May 2019

Just ended our 3D2N staycation at MBS and we all knocked out when we got home. While my baby is still napping, it suddenly dawned upon me that #2 is really coming. We are at 32w4days today, so we still have about +/- 7 weeks or so before our little family becomes a family of 4. I'm not prepared, emotionally?! 😰 i pray that both kiddos will grow up well and happy, being the bestest companion to each other. May my love never be selfish and ill try my best to be fair?#dayrepregnancy

April 2019

Tula standard or Free to grow?

I can't decide between getting a tula standard or free to grow. Any mummies with experience using both care to share? #dayremummies #dayrebabies #dayrepregnancy

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