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December 2018

#14weekspregnant today. Doesn't sound very far along but it's been torturous up to this point when I'm feeling better. I'm really hoping to feel the pregnancy glow soon? Hahaha. My hormones are going wild and raging! I feel like a teenager going through puberty with outbreak on my forehead throughout 1st tri. Feeling really low and gross about it.

Happy boxing day everyone. I'm back to hugging the toilet bowl today. But well, at least I managed to feast during Christmas dinner. Haha. Morning sickness, please please go away soon!!

nightmare before xmas

When real life event weaved itself into my lala land, it became a nightmare. So we went for a gathering yesterday forgetting extra diapers for Kyan. As we expected, it was soaked and leaked, cutting short the gathering. Somehow in my dream, I had no diapers for my newborn that is somehow already born. And knowing that Kyan is having half day school, I was fumbling trying to bathe the baby.

I'm starting to feel alittle better and a little stronger. But I dont really want to jinx it either. Still puking and all but lesser in frequencies so that's great. Almost out of 1st tri soon! 2 more weeks! I can't wait and let's hope all these drama ends with 1st tri too! ❤

November 2018

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Guess who's back?! Admitted for some yummy cocktail again.

It really doesn't get easier. Im feeling so depressed because ive been puking my guts out and i cant care for my son. I had to forcefully wean him at 30months old. Hes not taking it well, and now he's at grandma's only because im incapable of caring for him or myself. 😭 why so tough? Can this morning sickness just hurry hurry go away already? My son is already saying he loves papa and not mama. 💔💔💔

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