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This friend that I want to hold onto for life.

Nothing special happened - but I was particularly stressed out during work this week, he took time off to listen to my rants, accommodated my schedule and incoherent thoughts, and gave me encouragement when I needed it.

The fact that we aren’t located in the same offices speaks a lot - but it was also this fact that made me treasure him so much because he tried to make my job easier despite having no knowledge of what I had to do.

And giving me advices/encouragement when I was studying for my retake/waiting for my results speak volumes as well - not forgetting that he voluntarily took on my work (on top of his work) when I was on a study break previously.

Also having mala and icecream as dinner on most instances.

Thank you my friend for everything and most importantly for having a forgiving heart - may have not been a good friend myself because sometimes you make me go crazy but I’ll treasure you over anyone anytime.

Day 27

Sunday, 27 Jan 2019

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