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I admit that I’m a spoilt brat on certain days, because I refuse to drive and I think that every ulu place is infested with cats. Said friend has been nothing but accommodating esp when he knew that despatch duties await me tomorrow, and he has offered to wait for me so that we can head to the office tomorrow (all because I think I will get lost there).

This offer, of course, came after me telling him that I have doubted him in the past few months. What have I done to deserve this friend😭

Also not like there would be any question but just putting it here so that I can remember next time, on the message “your morning zen will be disrupted” - I have a habit where I don’t reply any messages until I reach the office everyday. That includes avoiding any colleague that I see while commuting to work, even if it means that I have to walk a longer route. I don’t do morning conversations well and I like to set my intention for the day on the way to work. Hehe that is me.

Day 359

Tuesday, 25 Dec 2018

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