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Sometimes, I wish I am a better friend - one that others feel comfortable to be with, one that others can run in time of happiness and sadness, one that is there for everyone.

I’ve been looking through my conversations recently - and I have been nothing but ranting my life. Sure enough I do apologise on certain occasions for my sudden outburst, but I somehow never took into what others said.

“I’m going to lock myself up for the next 2 months to study.” What follows after that message was one message of concern and nothing more but my rants. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone wasn’t willing to share any bits and pieces of their life anymore.

But yet again, I told myself to not be so invested in any friendship because I have a bad affinity with my supposed close friends. They almost never last for more than 4 years. And if they do, I count myself lucky enough.

Hai, what do I do?

Day 65

Wednesday, 6 Mar 2019

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