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Life goal is to live in a 🌻 land

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This friend that I want to hold onto for life. Nothing special happened - but I was particularly stressed out during work this week, he took time off to listen to my rants, accommodated my schedule and incoherent thoughts, and gave me encouragement when I needed it. The fact that we aren’t located in the same offices speaks a lot - but it was also this fact that made me treasure him so much because he tried to make my job easier despite having no knowledge of what I had to do.

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Documenting this just in case I forgot all about it due to my pea-sized brain. But here’s to a very successful lunch meet up and ranting session - I felt so stressed free after that because I was FINALLY able to get rid of whatever that has been bugging me the past few weeks. But also sadly this is going to be the last lunch I will have because friend is down to his last two days at work.

Can’t wait to have my much needed lunch break tomorrow. Today itself is enough to push me to my own limits already.

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Past two days were a mess. A total mess that I couldn’t even tell others about, not even my mom. So distorted, so disappointed with myself. But what can I do other than the usual “just suck it up lorh. That’s life right?”

I never say this enough, But to that person who has heard me rant about my impending quarter life crisis, who has repeatedly told me that I should not fret over work during the weekends, who has patiently listened to all the rants I have of this world, who gives in despite being wronged at times, who does stupid things just to see me react in a very panicky way, who has violent objection against a particular food stall.Thank you.Thank you for being here.I will miss you.

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I finally understand how my mum feels whenever I pack my stuffs for my trips - I once packed my stuffs 30 mins before the coach’s arrival. Especially when I didn’t know I had to apply for a visa and was happily prancing around - only to realise that I had to apply for a visa 4 hours before the flight.

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