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Life goal is to live in a 🌻 land

May 2019

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This one really know me so well😌HAHAHA good, at least I don’t have to explain for my lack of reply on the other messaging app.

I’m getting better. 真的,what was I thinking when I went into a self-blame mood previously?! Siao ah.

April 2019

On one of my messaging apps, your contact read “Deleted account”I don’t do departures very well, as much as ghosting. I expect messages to be answered within the next 3 days, and if it lapses for more than 3 days? I conclude that you are not worth the friendship. I set a reminder to message you every month, to hopefully not let my fears come true. 心也會累的, I gave up trying eventually. Thank you for these 2 years - I still hate you for leaving but I got the closure I wanted.

March 2019

You deserve better

Sometimes, I wish I am a better friend - one that others feel comfortable to be with, one that others can run in time of happiness and sadness, one that is there for everyone. I’ve been looking through my conversations recently - and I have been nothing but ranting my life. Sure enough I do apologise on certain occasions for my sudden outburst, but I somehow never took into what others said.

So conflicted. My thoughts are killing me.

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