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Life goal is to live in a 🌻 land

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Must have been so tired that this happened - I can safely say sleeping is my hobby now, or rather a luxury now, because I feel so happy when I woke up just now!!

“Nobody is always happy. It’s impossible. You have your own emotions, but remember, stay happy at the end of the day no matter what.”Here goes my heart racing faster than ever, hoping that my fears don’t even come true. Please just let me end 2018 on a good note.

At 1am, they tell you the darnest stuff. At 1am, they tell you to let your heart and fears go and just love freely. That you only live once and you should love yourself more than others. At 1am, they tell you that you are worth more than what you think, they tell you that the sky is never the limit, only you are limiting yourself in your career path. At 1am, they tell you who to get in a relationship with despite knowing them for only 4 months. They tell you that A is good, and B is bad.

I have 10,001 incoherent thoughts. And I’m so damn close to giving up. So so so damn close. I want a break. No wait, I need a break.

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THIS PERSON IS PUSHING IT TOO FAR. My god, we have been debating on the number of soft toys that I currently have in my room. I got so angry yesterday that I went to sleep and deliberately ignore all messages because said friend was judging me badly.He was also the same person who took photo of a jellycat, went “so near yet so far” and sent it to me on Friday. He is self-declaring that he has won this battle and thus rewarding himself with a Koi.He needs help, desperately.

November 2018

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We were on the topics of cats FYI and said friend had to be extremely rude by asking me to bark at the cat if I’m scared. Just because I’m born in the year of dog doesn’t mean I can bark ah pls. Holy moly. Level of rudeness is x 100000

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