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December 2018

Never assume. Never assume that whatever is mentioned here has a meaning behind it - because I’m not quite sure why I type such posts either at times. But come 2019, I am (finally!) having mala and icecream (on my first day of work) after a 2 months hiatus from it!! So glad I recovered in time - but also this is one of the coping mechanism that I’m slowly adopting to help me get over certain events. YAS. APIARY.Also let the countdown begin - 51 days more!!

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I admit that I’m a spoilt brat on certain days, because I refuse to drive and I think that every ulu place is infested with cats. Said friend has been nothing but accommodating esp when he knew that despatch duties await me tomorrow, and he has offered to wait for me so that we can head to the office tomorrow (all because I think I will get lost there).This offer, of course, came after me telling him that I have doubted him in the past few months. What have I done to deserve this friend๐Ÿ˜ญ

IM SICK FOR THE NTH TIME THIS YEAR. Supposed to be having mala and icecream as a reward for ending 2018 but burden shit me obviously can’t make it anymore because of my sore throat and flu. WHY. Supposed to have Malay food (like sambal goreng) as lunch next week also but things aren’t looking that great either. SEMO IS THIS NONSENSE. I’ve never fallen sick for the past three years in U.K. but yet now, I’ve successfully fallen sick for the past 2 months. ๐Ÿ˜ญ

Think I’ve been happy for too long, so much so that I’m feeling like I don’t deserve all these happiness right now, and I’ve been feeling moody ever since I came back home this evening.

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This happened today!! Finally managed to offload these from my room. Warms my heart to see the colleagues being excited over these gifts:’)

Who would have guessed my fears in Sept materialise sooner than I’ve imagined? I had thought of prep stuffs but never would I have thought that the prep stuffs would be put to use at such an early stage. ๐Ÿ’”

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