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Life goal is to live in a 🌻 land

November 2018

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We were on the topics of cats FYI and said friend had to be extremely rude by asking me to bark at the cat if I’m scared. Just because I’m born in the year of dog doesn’t mean I can bark ah pls. Holy moly. Level of rudeness is x 100000

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I have never felt more safe before. Nothing happened today, but walking up the stairs that led to this space, just makes me feel safer from all the negative vibes I’ve been getting. Going through the practice with my favourite instructor just makes everything better. Every movement, every word was sufficient to make me forget the day’s happenings.Today, I make this space my safe haven and found comfort in it. Today, I found myself.Thank you, YM❤️

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Guard your heart close and tight - never let a single inch escape you. After all, you are your best safe keeper.

On some days, you wish that your heart harden a little, that your feelings are kept close to you and that you don’t let the smallest things in life affect you by leaving the doors to your heart wide open. On some days, you wish you understood why things happened and you seek to change it for the better. On some days, life goes on at a faster speed than you’ve imagined, and when you stop to catch your breath, you’re on the losing end. But on some days, you find joy. I guess that’s life.

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Congrats. We have successfully argued over who deserves an icecream today. It’s a wonder how the messages that are redacted were typed as if we never had an argument over the icecream.Conclusion is TBC as of right now.

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