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Life goal is to live in a 🌻 land

October 2018

Woohoo. It’s 4am and I’m awake. And I just blew my own cover for free biscuits. HAHAHAHA I’m so lousy at giving people a surprise. But let’s go💪🏼 we can do this.Nail it YY

Spent yesternight seeking validation from my friends about my work. I dare say I put in a lot of effort, and I just wanted to be repaid with “thanks for your effort” and not just the fact that “it was your job anyway.” It’s always nights like these that makes me wonder if I’m even worthy of that “thanks” in the first place, and whether I’m even suited to work anywhere because it seems like I’m not as capable as I thought.Maybe it’s just me and my low self esteem.

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This was ytd. After a one hour wait for the colleague and after one month of self-imposed ban.Went on a rant immediately after I saw him, because yknow my mouth can’t stop some times. And also told him how I wanted sunflowers and jellycat at my funeral next time, to which he replied “You don’t even like cats. Why would you want a cat that is jelly.” And after I showed him a photo of the jellycat, he said “Why do you want something with long ears.”

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101 ways to get free boost1) Have a friend who is willing to register his/her name to get free boost 2) Ensure that you are still friends with him/her3) Tell him/her that you want it too, and say you are willing to travel down to get it.4) Send him/her your order immediately. 5) TRY not to be sarcastic to him/her, unless that person deserves 6) Resume being sarcastic after getting the drinkTA-DAH, that’s how I scored a free boost today!

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There’s icecream and dinner to look forward after this whole paper. even though there’s no mala because of a strong protest by someone. even though we can’t have teh c because of someone’s impression that they serve unbelievable horrible ones there. But it’s okay, icecream saves the day, it saves anyone, especially me. 🤗

breathe.Everyone deserves to be respected.breathe.

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